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Jurassic World opened to mainly positive reviews and a lot of excitement this weekend, but I think that was expected. What wasn't expected was how much money it actually made. Last week domestic Box Office predictions popped online and ranged from around $80-$120 Million in the US....well we were all pretty much wrong.

Jurassic World just grossed $204 Million in the US and $307 internationally bringing its total weekend gross to an Earth shattering $511 Million Worldwide.

Jurassic World now has the biggest opening weekend in 2015, beating Avengers Age Of Ultron by over $10 Million which I don't think any of us saw coming. The film has the second best opening weekend of all time, just barely behind The Avengers which took in $207 on it's debut.

Jurassic Park is an all time classic, but the sequels haven't done as well commercially or critically, but I guess people aren't as bored of Dinosaurs as we thought. The original films legacy, great trailers and Chris Pratt front and center are all to thank for this tremendous opening.

Yesterday is was revealed that Chris Pratt has signed on for sequels, and with this re-visit to the franchise absolutely killing it just on one weekend, I say it's a pretty safe bet that we'll hear an announcement of a sequel quite soon.

President of domestic distribution at Universal, Nick Carpou said “Dinosaurs are fascinating to everyone,” “It’s cross-cultural.”

Imax had a record-setting international weekend with $23.5 million, and 3D screenings accounted for 50% of the global take. The film's 3D is nothing special, but it's not completely distracting, I would advise seeing the film in 2D if you're one of the folks who hasn't seen the film yet.

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