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We all love movies and we think about all the details that we see during the move.One big detail is a car so I decided to choose 5 best cars that I saw in moves and it wasn't easy....but here we go..

1st car belongs to .... Fast & furious

I think we all know that car that always blow our minds.It is Dominc's car, called 1970 Dodge Charger RT . Why is this car on the first place ? Well it is because I want that awesome car and that car have story behind in FF (you will remember if you watched FF)...

2nd car belongs to ......Fast & furious

I know that I am a bit of not fair right now because I give second place to FF too but that move just have the best cars so I hope you don't mind ..I represent you second car from FF that blow our minds it is .....W Motors Lykan Hypersport and I fall in love with this car at first sight.

3rd car belongs to ........ Batman

Yes,I know that right now you think why Batmobile is not at first place..and I hope you don't wait for an answer because I have no idea why is not at first place.I can just say that all cars from 1st to 5th are amazing and I want them all and I can't choose my favorite or the worst because I love them all they are amazing ....and on fire...

4th car belongs to ....... James Bond (007)

Just remember our favorite agent driving this sweet amazing car called Aston Martin DB5, yeah I know that felling that is why I put his car at the 4th place.

5th car belongs to ........... Mad Max

If you thing right now what car is it I have answer for that it is Interceptor and that is all I know about it .....and of course that it looks awesome and I love that car very much...

So we come to end of the top 5 movie cars and I have so many cars that I didn't put on the list but I can put it in the next posts.If you want me to do more posts about cars let me know in the comments..


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