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Jurassic World is just like the new dinosaur they're trying to make, bigger, louder, and more teeth. While it doesn't match the the story and characters of the first film, which is OK, Jurassic World brings in a fresh new story that can be predictable at times, but is also very fun.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire Dearing, a character who matches John Hammond from the book in the beginning of the film, but turns into a more responsible and likeable character towards the end. I actually hated Claire in the beginning to be honest, she was the typical lady who saw attractions as, well attractions and not living things. Her main struggle becomes her two nephews, Zach and Gray Mitchell, who she literally knows nothing about. She vows to keep them safe after the Indominus Rex breaks free and gets loose in the park

Chris Pratt was my favorite character in this film. His portrayal of Owen Grady was spot on and made the film very good as well. He is the Velociraptor trainer who is getting them ready for public display in the park. This doesn't go well when Vic Hoskins arrives and plans to militarize the raptors. The whole inGen military part was a very useless add-on in my suggestion, and Hoskins only had the one good scene where he was killed by the raptor. Among other characters are Simon Masrani, played spectacularly by Irffan Khan as the owner of the park and a helicopter pilot, kind of. He is more concerned about the people enjoying themselves in the park than the money or profit, which made him another likeable character. Sadly, he sacrificed himself trying to stop the mutant hybrid from his helicopter with machine gun, but was killed when Pteranadons escaped from the aviary and attacked the helicopter, causing it to crash. B.D. Wong returned as Dr. Henry Wu, who I straight up hated in the movie. He was a jerk for some reason, and I really wish he died. There was Zara, Claire's personal assistant who had literally no character development, but it was OK because she was eaten by the Mosasaurus.

Yeah, she was in that Pteranadons claws.
Yeah, she was in that Pteranadons claws.

Again, Vic Hoskins, played by Vincent D'Onforio was the worst character of the entire film, and the whole military subplot didn't even matter in the end when he was killed by a raptor.

Now we get to the dinosaurs. The Indominus Rex was a terrifying beast that served well as the primary antagonist, but it kind of also was the superman of the dinosaurs. He was able to turn off his heat signature, detect heat signature, talk with raptors, run extremely fast, and so on. Still, it was awesome. Despite the name, the I. Rex was scary and made for the greatest death scenes, even though they weren't main characters. The Raptors were great just like the first film, especially Blue. They killed off the ACU team when they were tracking the I.Rex, and that was a very suspenseful scene. I actually thought Barry would die in that log. Mosasaurus was the most chill, just coming up and grabbing a bite to eat whenever it felt like it. T. Rex though, was my favorite. When Claire comes up to it with the flare, and starts running with it, it reminded me of this scene.

That actually led up to the greatest fight I've ever seen, T. Rex Vs. I. Rex. It was just astounding to see them battle it out, with help from Blue the raptor of course. The best was when Mr. Mosasaurus came out of the water and Chomp!

To recap:


  • Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Nods to the first film
  • T.Rex and Mosasaurus
  • Fully functional and cool park


  • Vic Hoskins and Henry Wu
  • inGen military subplot
  • Super-Dinosaur
  • Claire at the beginning of the film

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