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Another Marvel movie has come and gone without any significant changes to our hero's costumes. Yes, Iron Man got new blaster and Cap got an Avengers logo and Hawkeye decided to wear a robe, but did we see a total colour scheme change? No. Did we see a flock of totally new weapons? Debatable, but no. Ultimately, it's what we see on screen that we bring home in a cardboard box after a day at the toy store. But isn't it time we strayed away from the norm and bought something totally new - even if it's only to add to our collection of basic heroes? Yes. It is. So here's what you should buy instead, my friend (rhyming!):

Avengers Titan Heroes Iron Man and Hawkeye Deluxe Electronic Action Figure Set (Entertainment Earth Exclusives)

Avengers Titan Heroes Electronic Figure Set - EE Exclusive:

  • An Entertainment Earth Exclusive - power up with the Avengers, only at Entertainment Earth!
  • Hasbro's Marvel 12-inch deluxe action figures feature exclusive costumes and a light-up electronic accessory you won't find anywhere else!
  • Sturdy plastic construction features poseable limbs and designs inspired by the latest stories in the Marvel universe - you won't want to miss them!

Unleash the light of justice and super-size your Marvel superhero adventures with the electrifying Avengers Titan Heroes Iron Man and Hawkeye Deluxe Electronic Action Figure Set - an Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Each figure is inspired by Marvel's ongoing Avengers story, pitting the world's greatest assembly of superheroes against tougher threats than ever before. Each Avenger is ready to unleash the light of justice on the darker corners of the Marvel universe. These gargantuan plastic action figures are jointed and stand 12-inches tall. Requires 2x "A76" batteries, Included. Ages 4 and up.

Truly a superior Iron Man, Tony Stark is back in a new blue and white suit of armor! The cool exec with a heart of steel upgrades his wardrobe so he looks snazzy in Silicon Valley or anywhere Stark Enterprises expands! Tony's look is modeled after his classic wardrobe, with a hint of the flavor appearing in Marvel Now! Superior Iron Man's pages. This 12-inch figure comes with a spectacular light-up blaster you'll only find at Entertainment Earth.

Clint Barton went out and found himself some thick red frames, with glass so dark they won't even know his name - but you will! Hawkeye's new outfit is inspired by the massively multiplayer online game Marvel Heroes 2015 and the hit TV series Avengers Assemble, combining to bring you one of the best archers in the business! Loki, Doctor Doom, Ultron, and bad guys won't stand a chance against his funky fine bow with a special kind of light.

So as you can see, this is an amazing buy for only $37.99! That's two 12 inch action figures for $38! Let's get into the individual specs though:

Iron Man

The Iron Man action figure is truly an amazing toy. Not only does it have seven fully articulate joints, but it also comes with a light up beam blaster. It's not super-clear in the photo above, but Iron Man's chest has a cascading shell (much like in Iron Man 2). The back has a similar design except stays at the same level with a cascading spine instead of body. Joints all over the suit have a small white circle around them, adding to the general technological vibe to the whole figure. This truly is the Superior Iron Man.

When pressed, the golden beam-blaster glows with a red light. The gun is (obviously) detachable and slips on and off his wrist very easily (but stays on because of the clip-lock feature). The button is on the side of the gun in the shape of a white square. The general colour scheme for the toy is the same as the one for Ultron MK 1 (white and navy blue suit with a red Avengers logo and golden face plate), minus the loose wires and evil inhabitant.


Hawkeye's suit is out of this world. It's a brilliant amalgamation of his Marvel Heroes 2015 look, along with his costume from Avengers Assemble. This figure also has seven fully articulate joints (head, two arms, two hand, two legs). Along with snazzy new red glasses, Hawkeye's suit is sleeveless With a red arrow going from the neck down to his mid chest, right above his six-pack. Below that is a utility belt adorned with a thick letter H. The legs are standard, but the hand have a nice half sleeve from the wrist to the elbow with red gloves.

His accessories take his set to a whole new level. The bow alone measures roughly 6.5 inches, molded into a brilliant weapon of mass destruction. Attached to the side of the bow (but still very easily detachable) is a high arsenal of arrows, ranging from basic to long range to explosive. The bow is attached through the a clip from the arrows and lights up from the back rather than the side. His other accessory is a quiver that can be latched onto his shoulders. The red quiver holds what appears to be nine yellow arrows.

Compatibility With Other Figures

As you can see in the photo above, the accessories for each figure are easily interchangable between the figures. Iron Man can wield a bow and arrow just as easily as Hawkeye can shoot a beam blaster.

Collect Them All!

What kind of toy set would this be if you couldn't add it to your collection? That's why Entertainment Earth offers other Titan Heroes figures too! They offer:

And even . . .

A Hulkbuster Toy!

It's high-tech and can communicate with specific other Titan Heroes line toys.

Plus many, many more.

All in-stock item's shipping is free when the order is over $79, and select pre-orders are also free. If the status shows "Temporarily Out of Stock", that just means the current shipment has been sold but a new shipment is planned--but don't wait until it's back in stock to order yours, as it's always possible the following shipment will sell out, too. Also, credit cards are only charged when the order is ready to ship, so not to worry.

In case you missed it, the link to order is here.


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