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Seeing the Pixar short that proceeds the feature length film is as much an experience as watching the actual movie. These short, often dialogue-free, films manage to enchant audiences with breath-taking animation, endearing characters and effectively brief story-telling.

Lava is set to debut in front of Inside Out, opening on June 19th. Not only does it have to live up to the excellence standard set by the Pixar shorts that have come before it, Lava also looks to live up to Disney Animation's academy-award winning Feast from 2014.

Lava tells the story of a single oceanic volcano who remains upbeat and positive that one day he'll find someone to spend his life with. He sits in the ocean and watches as the whales, dolphins, turtles and birds pass by: all paired off. He continues to sing his love song season after season, year after year. All along, a female volcano listens to his song from beneath the waters surface. She admires his beautiful voice as he sings a song of hope.

From there, you'll have to see how Pixar chooses to enchant your heart! The animation is beautiful as to be expected. The male volcano's design is a little off but it suits his aura. This is the first Pixar musical short film that I can recall and the song is memorable, sweet and beautifully sung. It fits nicely in the Pixar short catalog and beautifully sets the tone and ambiance for Inside Out to take center stage. Make sure you don't arrive too late because Lava is a nice little gem you'll be sorry if you miss!

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