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DC's Nightwing & Deathstroke are like peanut butter & jelly. Always together but never separated. Now I realize that I started this article with a peanut butter & jelly analogy but the reason is to get your attention on this EPIC Nightwing vs Deathstroke Film.

This fan film was done by none other than Revelation Studios. The non for profit video production company was formed in early 2014 and today I have a exclusive interview with the stars of Nightwing VS Deathstroke and the creators of Revelation Studios.

Revelation Studios- A video production company.
Revelation Studios- A video production company.

The actors and creators of Revelation studios featured are:

  • Alex Nunez - Playing as Nightwing
  • Eddie Baltodano - Playing as Deathstroke
  • Tyler Lindauer- Playing as Black Mask
  • Victoria Kramer- Playing as Oracle

Any questions that I asked will be under the name RAFF.

RAFF: How did Revelation Studios start?

ALEX: It started with three guys wanting to make a change in their film-making talents by actually applying them to the real world, and making it work. We are all huge nerds, and we love the impact that the world of video games, comic books, and anime has left on us. So we decided to make a film making company and make our goals and dreams as film-makers a reality here in South Florida.
TYLER: Revelation studios started when a few friends with a talent for acting and film making decided to make their dreams a reality.
VICTORIA: That was all up to Alex, Tyler and Eddie. They’re the ones that do the magic, I was just fortunate enough to be asked to help out!

EDDIE: Well, we got started off on that, we were hanging out one day and we were just talking and saying what can we start or how can we be as good as what we see on the internet because there were already some videos out there that people have done with Nightwing vs Deathstroke-we wanted to have our own take on it. We were huge nerds, huge comic book fans, we loved Nightwing and Deathstroke. So we said lets go ahead and try to do a film with it cause we have already done a cosplay of it when we went to Animate Miami to cosplay as our characters so I figured lets go all the way with it. Lets make our fan film.So then we started getting all of the things together and then we decided lets start our own production team because I am originally from a production team that I started with some of my other friends called TeamM.e.e.n. So to start off a new production team with current friends Tyler and Alex was a good opportunity for me so you know what lets make something. So I spoke with the guys one night and we spoke and were saying what should we do, what should we name our company if we would get it started and Revelation Studios was the name that we chose because we felt to pride our film making as an revelation to the people watching.

RAFF: Why did Revelation Studios wanted to do a fan film about Nightwing & Deathstroke?

ALEX: We chose this theme because we were cosplaying these characters for Florida Supercon, and it just seemed convenient when we already have the costumes to make a film about these characters. The fact that these characters exist in the Batman/Teen Titan's Universe made it a solid choice to film.
VICTORIA: Personally I’ve always been a geek. I was always watching anime, reading comics or looking up information about characters; so when I was given the chance to do the part as Barbra Gordon of course I couldn’t say was like a dream come true!
TYLER: We decided to do the Nightwing vs Deathstroke film because Alex and Eddie and myself already had the costumes so we were like hey why not? We were always looking to make our first film and we already had all of the necessary components to do so we were like green light!
EDDIE: Well that is a very interesting story, we love the characters Dick Grayson as the first Robin of Batman, going off and becoming his own hero, becoming Nightwing also being the leader of the Teen Titans, he's gone up against Slade- Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke many times so this was a villain that Robin figured has the most trouble with who has never actually beaten him and so we thought it would be a great match between them to finally hash it out and to really see if Nightwing is really up to the task of defeating Deathstroke- It was a fun experience to dress up as your favorite villain, favorite hero and act the part. Once the camera was on we got into character big time, so that's the reason we did that fan film because of the character's history and the overall fun of just doing the film.

RAFF to Alex: What was your intention or what did you wanted to get across with Nightwing?

ALEX: The intention behind Nightwing was for him to be the "temporary" Batman in Gotham. He left the Teen Titans (it is implied that he was Robin when he was with them) to keep the city from falling apart. I think the message was clear based on Nightwing's outfit and conversation with Oracle.
Nightwing in action!
Nightwing in action!

RAFF to Victoria: Switching to the lovely lady of Revelation Studios, we turned to Victoria who plays Oracle in the film. How did it feel to be Oracle?

VICTORIA: Great, I loved playing her. She is a strong, smart, sassy character and I was so honored to play the part. I really feel like Barbra is one of those characters that young women can look up to. Her disability only made her stronger and that’s the type of mentality most young women should have these days (especially with all this new age beauty standards); the kind that says “If you push me back down 3 steps I will jump up and go forward 10 steps”.
Oracle receiving a urgent call from Nightwing.
Oracle receiving a urgent call from Nightwing.

RAFF to Victoria: How fun was it to do your scenes?

VICTORIA: Totally. I was a bit camera shy at first but once the whole gang made me feel comfortable as I was able to focus on my character the whole time and get really into it. Lots of laughs, love, and good memories were made.

RAFF to Tyler: Awesome, now lets switch to Tyler Lindauer. You play Black Mask in the film. Black Mask is such a villainous figure so explain how you get into this character.

TYLER: Usually when it comes to roles like this which are completely opposite to my usual self I just take all of the frustration and anger inside of me and let it flow into Black Mask. Black mask is a twisted son of a [email protected]*h who wants to control everything and send messages to those who cross him, so there's a lot of me sitting alone thinking about the times I've been screwed over in life and just let it play out accordingly. Now during the filming when I was in character I was actually in a bad mood, not because I wanted to be but because I had to be in order for the character to translate properly.
Tyler Lindauer plays the sadistic Black mask.
Tyler Lindauer plays the sadistic Black mask.

RAFF to Tyler: Can I be one of your henchmen? I'll be loyal…..

TYLER: And as far as you being one of my henchmen, you need to be able to take orders without question and probably have to do a lot of uncomfortable things. So if you think you can do that I think after a little initiation we could bring you in.

RAFF to Tyler : Will black mask ever get his hands on Nightwing?

TYLER: In my opinion he will because he wants to be in complete control and wants everything and will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants. Also any chance or opportunity to hurt and gain an edge on Batman he will take.

RAFF: Speaking on getting your hands on Nightwing, How did you guys choreograph the fight scenes?

ALEX: We choreographed it based on on ability to fight, and stunt fight, with the minimal risk of injury. We tried make the fight similar to Christopher Nolan's Bane vs Batman fight. Using sheer force against youthful skill, while still going for a realistic and less flashy approach. The entire choreography was made on the spot and we practiced it a couple of time. It was hard and sweaty work, but a lot of fun!
Deathstroke with an almost fatal blow!
Deathstroke with an almost fatal blow!
EDDIE: As for the choreography of the film, I have some experience in stage fighting and I have done previous choreography for other friends of mine so this was right up my alley. I knew exactly what to do and I made sure everyone was safe. I didn't make anyone do that they felt like it was going to be unsafe and unsure that they would hurt themselves because that is not what I'm about. I made sure that everyone stay safe and arms free. It took awhile to get down to make sure that our punches look real enough for the audience to see that we were actually really fighting because we really were fighting. We were really throwing punches at each other. Really blocking hits, taking falls but were all doing that and make things really secure to a tee. We had to make sure that everything was perfect.

RAFF to Eddie: The musical score is done extremely well, could you briefly highlight the sound and editing process to make the film come to life.

EDDIE: The musical score of the film was a huge challenge, its also the one that took me the longest time to get that done. The opening title was done by my brother Nick who is a music editor. He told me that he had a good song that I can use in a film and he let me hear it and said okay this is pretty badass so I anticipated that into the film. The other music in the film I do not own the rights to. I cannot take full responsibility. How they sound is based on how I edit them into the film. I wanted to make sure that each sound had mean to the film. The right feel. One of the more challenging things was getting the musical sound levels correct so that way it didn't overpowered our actors dialogue so that people wouldn't have trouble hearing them I wanted to make sure that they can be heard. So I had to reedit the film three times to get the sound levels just right.

RAFF to Alex: Any surprises in this film that you want to tell the audience?

ALEX: The surprises in this film would be the use of effects and sounds incorporated in the fight to make it look even more epic.

RAFF to Revelation Studios : What does Revelation Studios mean to you?

VICTORIA : It means encouragement and security. The whole team is really like a big family, we laugh, we fight, we joke, we care about each other. I’m really lucky to be part of such an awesome studio!

The Revelation Studios team!
The Revelation Studios team!
ALEX: It means teamwork. Revelation Studios wouldn't be possible without the collaboration and efforts made by each person.
EDDIE: To me its giving fans and people out there who watch our films a good sense of that there watching something that is taken to heart and just watch our films and they just enjoy, they love it. Its a good feeling for them. I want them to feel like we were staying true to the source material so that we are not another Hollywood knockoff , we are going by the book and doing our homework with this, we want people to really enjoy our films so that's why I figured revelation studios is a really good name for our company.
TYLER: Revelation studios means to me means a lot, were a team and only as a team can we accomplish the impossible. It means bringing our childhood and our nerdy dreams to life.

RAFF: Lastly, Is there any future projects that maybe you can hint to the moviepliot community?

ALEX: We are thinking about an "Original" Project, but also looking into incorporating characters like: The Joker, Green Arrow, Red Hood, and so forth.
EDDIE: Actually there is a lot in the pipeline. Lots of ideas brewing, we have one coming up soon its of everybody's favorite childhood weapon- the Nerf gun. We will be shooting something on that as well later on the road we will be shooting other types of fan based films such as Star Wars. Other than superheros we got doctor who coming in the pipeline, so yeah there is a lot of future projects coming but our next one seems to be a really intense type of comedy film so be on the look out for that.
VICTORIA: Definitely! Maybe a Batgirl as a future movie and other small projects but only time will tell!

Now, I asked Revelation Studios about what they wanted to promote on Moviepliot and they said the biggest thing they wanted to promote is their For those who do not know what Gofundme is well Gofundme is a website where people can help support others through donations. Revelation Studios is just asking for support for upcoming films. If anyone wants to donate please click the link here:

The Gofundme page for Revelation Studios
The Gofundme page for Revelation Studios

Also if you want to follow updates and info about future projects then check out their Facebook,Instagram and YouTube pages. We encourage fans to like the pages and like the projects.

Plus, if anyone is attending Florida Supercon on June 27th, Revelation Studios will be cosplaying so check them out!

Florida Supercon June 25th-28th
Florida Supercon June 25th-28th

In the meantime, check out the behind the scenes pics!

Behind The Scenes of Nightwing Vs Deathstroke
Behind The Scenes of Nightwing Vs Deathstroke


After watching the film,who do you think should of won the battle?

Special Thanks to Revelation Studios for allowing me to interview them and using their pictures.

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