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That title alone might just catch me some heat but I wanted to talk about the two universes as I like to call them because being online, I read a lot of comments that are hating on either Marvel or DC. I know the reason for this and some people do have valid points but the majority can’t back up any of their points or write something like “DC sucks because they make bad movies” or “Marvel sucks because they cater to the general audience”, now DC has made a few bad movies in the past but that doesn’t mean they suck and the same goes for Marvel. I think we all need to take a step back and look at what they are going to be giving us in the next few years, in this article I will only speak about the movies because I feel that I am much more knowledgeable in that area then the comic books themselves.

Marvel has given us plenty of good comic book films over the years which include “Iron Man”, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and of course “Guardians Of The Galaxy”. The reason why I’m mentioning those three is because other than the first Avengers film, they are Marvel’s biggest films and most popular it seems. DC has also given us a lot a few great comic book films like “The Dark Knight”, “Batman Begins”, and “Man Of Steel. I know some people hate and bag on Man Of Steel but I personally think it’s one of DC’s best films, not to mention the best Superman film to date. Both these companies have had their ups and downs with their movies and even if one wants to pretend that Marvel is perfect, they are not; I can name a few films of theirs that are less than good. I personally enjoy the stuff that both companies have put out but they’ve had a few stinkers and as far as Marvel goes, I really hate “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”, I know it’s not in the cinematic universe and that’s under the Marvel Knight’s banner; but still it’s pretty bad. DC also has “Green Lantern” and of course the movie that everyone wants to forget about but can’t, “Batman & Robin”.

I’m not sure why each of these companies seem to get hate from either sides of the camp, if you don’t like Marvel because you think DC is better, well that’s fine. What isn’t fine is hating on a company and calling it’s fans “mindless kids” or something along those lines, when you start bullying the fans and acting like an immature child, that’s where I draw the line. We now live in a world where a lot of people act like they have to like one thing over the other, that liking both is some sort of weird thing to do. I’m here to tell you that you can like both and not hate on the other, can you believe that? I never understood people with the logic that one company is better than the other because they are not, it’s like people in the sense that one person is not better than the other. I get it that you might DC or Marvel more but I’m not sure why you go and target their fans, if you’re a troll then you aren’t being funny; if you’re doing it for a reaction then I’m sorry but you need to grow up and stop being immature.

Both companies obviously have a strong fanbase but we need to stop with hating on the fans just because we disagree with them or just outright hating the company itself, without having any valid reason to do so. I never understood people that waste their precious time just to go on forums and hate on a certain company, while giving praise to another one and basically worshipping then like a God. We should never worship a company because it’s basically just being a fanboy and taking things a bit far because no company is perfect just like people, we all have our imperfections but at the end of the day; we can still be great. We should all be happy that we are getting some amazing comic book films in the next few years like, “Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, “Captain America: Civil War, “The Avengers: Infinity War, well you get the idea. These companies will be giving us some great films to watch and as both a comic book fan and a fan of the art of film itself, I can’t wait to see how everything plays out.

I’m going to close this by saying that we can be both fans of Marvel & DC without putting their fans down or the company. We can have civil conversations about both, without having to resort to name calling or acting childish. We are now living in the age of the “Marvel and DC: Cinematic Universes”.


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