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"Lizzie Borden took an ax, gave her mother 40 whacks, once she seen what she had done, she gave her father 41" as the famous jump rope rhyme goes that made it so many people knew who Lizzie Borden was. Lizzie is famous for the murder of her father and step mother with an ax, Lizzie was born on July, 19, 1860, in Fall River, Massachusetts, to Sarah and Andrew Borden, but soon after Sarah Borden died. 3 years after the death of his wife, Andrew remarried to Abbey Durfee Gray. The family lived well since Andrew was successful enough in real estate development and fields of manufacturing to support his wife and two daughters.

The relationship between the Borden sisters and their stepmother Abbey Borden, was not close, for they would greet her as "Mrs. Borden" and worried that Abbey Borden's family sought access to their fathers money. Both Emma and Lizzie helped manage the rental properties owned by their father.

On the morning of August, 4, 1892, Andrew and Abbey Borden were murdered and mutilated in their Fall River home. Lizzie alerted their maid to her fathers body, he was attached while sleeping on the sofa. ((Photo below))

A search of the home caused the discovery of Abbey Borden's body in the upstairs bedroom, she was the victim of a brutal hatchet attack. ((Actual photos of Abbey Borden after the attack))

The policemen suspected Lizzie immediately, though she wasn't taken into custody at that time. Her sister Emma was out of town at the time and was never suspected. Lizzie had burned a dress that she said was stained with paint. Prosecutors would allege that the paint was actually blood and that Lizzie had burned the dress to cover up her crime.

Lizzie Borden was indicated on December, 2, 1892. Her trial began the following June in New Bedford. Borden didn't take the stand I'm her own defense and her inquest testimony was not put into evidence. On June, 20, 1993, Lizzie was acquitted of the crimes and no one else was ever charged for the murders.

Lizzie and Emma Borden had inherited a significant portion of their fathers estate. Which had allowed them to purchase a new home together, and lived with each other for the following decade, although free Lizzie was considered guilty by many of her neighbors, soon the sisters relationship hit it's end and Emma moved out, and they never spoke again.

Lizzie Borden died of pneumonia in Fall River, Massachusetts, on June, 1, 1927. Her sister Emma died a few days later in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

To this day the Borden house ((picture above)) where the famous ax murders of Andrew and Abbey Borden took place, still stands in Massachusetts. Almost all of the furniture is the original furniture owned by the Borden's, including the couch that Andrew Borden was sleeping on when he was murdered.


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