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When I was a kid growing
up, I loved dinosaurs. Probably one of the reasons I was a big fan of Godzilla. I remember watching old monster movies with these stop motion dinosaurs, which looked awesome. I also recall movies with animatronic & "guy in a suit" dinosaurs that didn't look so well. Then came Jurassic Park & I loved it. Blend of CGI (which was still in it's early days) & practical (animatronic & puppets). This film is a classic & people say it still holds up. It does for the most part. As far follow ups, I liked The Lost World but Jurassic Park III was eh. So I had high hopes for Jurassic World. Did it deliverer?

This film takes place over 20 years after the events of Jurassic Park. The events of The Lost World & Jurassic Park III were never mentioned, referenced, or alluded to. I know they both took place on a second island. So either this film is ignoring them to retcon those two out, or there wasn't a need to bring them up. In the first film the park was never opened. Here it is & has become something like Disney World.

The movie starts with these two brothers leaving to go to Jurassic World. I liked this because it introduced us to this world & park. It seemed wonderful. Being able to ride a Triceratops like a horse? A petting zoo for Dinosaurs? Very cool & awesome for dinosaur lovers.

The park is now own by a different company. I don't recall the name of the company but someone from InGen was there who was pretty much our human villain. There wasn't any character I dislike & all played their parts. It is clear who our villains our & that's not bad. Maybe a bit cliche. The kids didn't bother me & it was nice to see them bond. Chris Pratt is awesome. The cool bad ass hero.

As you probably guessed, something goes wrong. in this case, people aren't wowed by dinosaurs so they create their own hybrid. We only know it's part T-Rex. The rest is found out later. This Indominus Rex (I-Rex) is scary yet cool. It's smart. It made it appear that it escape by claiming the fence. This is but a trap for her to escape. While this creature can blend in to it's surroundings like a chameleon, it only does it once. So most of the film is this monster on the lose, killing everything in her way & the humans trying to kill it. There's a part were Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard had to rescue the kid brothers which lead to some Easter eggs to the original. There are a lot of awesome & cool moments throughout but it's the final that steals the show.

The characters decide that sending the Velociraptors trained by Pratt after it with military men of course. By this time we know that DNA from a frog & Cuttlefish were used for the I-Rex. I suspected that they used Raptors because these movies always show off how smart they are. I would hope they wouldn't use human DNA right? However we see that this is true (Raptor DNA) & I-Rex turns them on the humans. Of course later on we see Pratt's connection to the Raptors & they try to kill the I-Rex with Pratt helping. This isn't working & the youngest kid suggest "we need more teeth". This causes Howard to release the T-Rex to save the day! & it seems this is the same T-Rex from Jurassic Park. It wasn't said but she looked seasoned & the directed said it was. So let the monster battle begin!

This fight was epic & made me tickled. Unlike JP3 it would be believable if the T-Rex lost & it wasn't a quick throw away fight. It was back & forth & right when it seemed like it was the end for T-Rex, Blue (the Raptor that seemed like Pratt's favorite) came in to help. This fight became even cooler. T-Rex using her head like a bulldozer & Blue jumping on T-Rex's back to get at I-Rex's back. It has to be seen. Then unexpectedly, the dinosaur that finishes the I-Rex off is the Mosasurs from the "Sea World" scene.

This movie was a fantastic, fun ride. I felt like a kid again watching it. We seen a bad ass monster bash. Some touching moments with dinosaurs that tugged at my heart (animal lover). Some nice little call backs to the original. Despite what some say, I liked the CGI, as it looked & worked great. It be nice to have more practical effects of course but it didn't bother me here. I wasn't took out because it looked fake. That happened in the older films though. Mainly JP3. It's a worthy sequel that is so much fun. It has it's flaws that smarter people then I can point out but I will be adding it to my Blu-Ray collection & looking forward as to how you can follow this. I haven't seen a lot of movies this year but this is my favorite so far.


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