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Being one to never be fully satisfied with what is shown to me in a film, I tend to dig deeper to see if there are hidden clues. Fan theories have become popular beyond my comprehension, and I never really made one until now. Mind you that this won't be ground-breaking or eerie.

Personally, I think Bruce was going through a rough patch in his personal life before the start of the film. Kind of obvious, but the film starts with Bruce news casting at a Mom-and-Pop bakery. His first sentence is: "God, why do you hate me???" It is pretty clear that he gets the short end of the stick as far as reporting goes. His Rival, Evan, gets better stories and gets the sweeps, and eventually makes it to anchor. Sure, that would piss anyone off, especially if they bust their ass for a good position, but Bruce seemed to be more deeply afflicted than what would seem to be just a rough patch.

If I were a betting man, I would guess that before the report of the world's largest cookie at the bakery, he had to take time off of his work because of a very recent passing of his father. I think that Bruce was a very faithful believer, and had been on good terms with Morgan Freeman upstairs, but then maybe his father was either very ill, and slowly deteriorating, or just suddenly died in an accident, and as a person who lost a parent, myself, that can make you question your faith.

Meanwhile back at work, Evan was most likely a newbie who was kind of a hotshot. while Bruce was taking time off, Evan was doing his work. He was likely doing Bruce's job better because some people might not find Bruce's comedic news that funny. Evan must have got promoted very quickly only fueling the sadness in Bruce. Evan definitely seemed like the kind of guy that was fairly new, but everyone seemed to like him. When Bruce found out, live on the air, on the boat that was close to the Niagara falls, that Evan would take the new Anchor position, you know that he went on a rant: insulting Evan, the people around him, and the news station he worked for. (realistically, the station would have cut the camera 10 seconds in, but whatever.)

Not too long after that, nothing was going right. He got fired, he got his ass kicked trying to help a bum that was being harassed, and even crashes his car after fighting with his girlfriend; all of which he blames on God himself. Even when his dog pisses where it shouldn't, Bruce blamed God for that too. I know many Atheists, and since they don't believe, They and I doubt they would literally blame the one they claim doesn't exist. So this kind of helps my case in which Bruce was a very faithful man.

My guess that he had a recently deceased father was not random. Before Morgan Freeman reveals that he is God, Bruce cracked a joke that made him laugh and said: "You always were funny, Bruce: just like your father." and not too long after, Bruce asks: "How do you know about my father and how do you know my pager number??" Now that gives very little evidence, but the way they portrayed it made my theory seem to hold, at least, a little bit of ground. they acted as if he was not gone for very long.

I could be wrong, I could have left things out, who knows? like I said, this theory isn't the smartest, or most recent, but it is an okay guess on my part. if you have evidence that could add to this case, or evidence against it, lemme know. All and all, Bruce Almighty is an okay movie. just okay.


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