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Yesterday there was a rehearsal for tonight's Bethesda E3 conference! This is completely expected, however, what wasn't was the accidental stream that appeared on Twitch for a few moments. (Whoops!) In the stream, Harvey Smith's name dropped, who co-directed Dishonored with one of the people in the conversation, Raphael Colantonio. This made the Internet freak out and speculate if Dishonored 2 would be announced at E3. And was it? Yes!

Missed the trailer? Check it out here!

Dishonored 2
looks like everything that the first game was. Just as good, if not, better! But enough chit-chat... here's all the lovely details we have so far!

1.) Who are we playing as?

Just as we had options on whether we killed or used stealth in the original Dishonored game, we're now presented with an opportunity to choose who we'd rather play! The first game's protagonist, Corvo Attano, or the little girl we were on a mission to save, Emily Kaldwin! That's right, Emily isn't a little girl anymore. She's older, more mature, and every bit as awesome as Corvo; using similar (but different!) gadgets, special abilities, and something to hide her face.

It's very exciting that we have a choice on who we want to play, and I'm extremely curious to see how the gameplay changes from using the two characters. I'm sure it'll give us even more replayability; something Arkane Studios were already awesome at with the first Dishonored title.

2.) What's the story?

We don't have a lot of info right now, but they did say this:

In Dishonored 2, the empire of the isles is in jeopardy once more, when an other worldly usurper seizes the throne. You'll travel to Carnaca, a once dazzling coastal city on the southern edge of the world, and hunt down new adversaries as you alter the fate of the empire.

3.) What platforms can we play on?

PC, PlayStation 4, and XBOX One were all confirmed!

Unfortunately, that's all that we know for now.

But Smith and Colantonio both said that they will reveal more in the future. Whatever that may be, I can't wait to hear the upcoming news. Until then, we have Dishonored: Definitive Edition to play, which will be a remaster of the first game, including its DLC, available for the current gen consoles!


Are you going to play Dishonored 2?


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