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Josh Goldenberg

This sequel to my favorite franchise of all time was maybe the best one of the franchise! Now, on its own, it was a good movie, but because of the easter-eggs from the original park and the feelings they brought along, made this movie the best one I have seen in years! You feel actually attached to the dinos in this movie, especially the raptors...I was emotionally attached to each one of them, especially Blue! I highly recommend this to any Jurassic Park fan or even to any dino fan, because the content makes up for the inaccuracy of the movie! Yes, unlike the original movies, Jurassic world dose not at all relate to actual facts of the dinosaurs that we have gathered up to today, but in all fairness, DR. Wu did say that they use other animal DNA to fill in the gaps of the genetic sequence to make all the dinosaurs, if it was 100% dinosaur DNA, the dinos would look completely different. So, in a way, the movie is not inaccurate, just shows some theories of what true genetic hybridization can do to animals...who knows? Maybe if you combined velociraptor with an ostrich and a monitor lizard, you would get the same type of raptor as in the movie! A big, smart, ferocious, featherless raptor! And that is just one example!

Again, no matter the lack of true scientific fact, Jurassic World truly deserves the title of best movie of the year...maybe, best sci-fi movie of the decade! (It already set a world record of making $511 million dollars in the box office on opening weekend!)


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