ByPietro Bernardi, writer at
17 years old, looking forward to become a VFX Artist and a 3D Animator. I love Pixar movies, and you can see me in Produccine's channel on Y

Every wondered how creative people can be? Life is full of surprises. But most of the time, we can predict a little of what’s going to happen like 5 seconds in the future, even when it comes to animated GIFS. We’ve seen so many animated GIFS by now, we really should know what comes next. But not these animated GIFS. You'll get what I'm saying, just scroll down a bit...

1- I came in like a...wait...

2 - The ol' nose trick

3 - Aww, cute tractor!

4 - My first kiss

5 - Yeah, I better back away

6 - Oh my paranormal

7 - Careful where you hang picture frames

8 - Did anyone warn Mike Tyson to keep his pets at home?

9 - Tony Hawk + T.N.T = Plot twist

10 - Portal Kitten

11 - That's how you should fold your shirts, right mom?

12 - Aww...cute...WTF!


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