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I loves to watch superheroes,Star Wars, horror movies(only good ones), movies based on the book., and action heroes.
Gabriel Stropes

Antman-July 2015

Fantastic Four-August 2015


Gotham season 2 premiere sometime this month

Arrow season 3 and Flash season 1 both coming out on dvd in September 22nd

Arrow season 3
Arrow season 3
Flash season 1
Flash season 1

Agent of Shield season 3 premieres on Sept 29th

Arrow and Flash-October 2015

They predicted that Arrow season 4 might be air on Oct 7th. Not sure about Flash.

here the link:


Flash will premeire on Oct 6th

Arrow Season 4 will premeire on Oct 7th

Supergirl- end of October 2015

November through December- Arrow, Flash,Gotham, and Supergirl

Reason I do this so we enjoy nonstop superheroes shows and stuff. This will be updated when airdates and some new pictures for Arrow,Flash, Gotham. We already know about Supergirl.

It will be updated at least after comic cons and get closer to fall.


Which one are u looking forward the most?


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