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Damn Glitch! In this list, we are looking at 5 video game movies that got bad reviews and wish we got better than what we got. I'm not ranking what are the worst video game films (which a couple of them are just mediocre), but which ones are just disappointing.

5) Doom

As its one of the earliest first shooters video games, Doom was about a space marine fighting demons from hell on the planet Mars. As its one of the classic horror games, a film adaptation should have been a one person survival horror movie. Instead, we got a group of actors that sat there and do nothing. Sorry The Rock, we do not know what you were cooking this time.

4) Street Fighter

An arcade tournament fighting game, a simple concept to follow. Not for the writers of this film. Instead we got a story about Blanka being kidnap from M Bison and Van Damme (I'm sorry, I meant) Guile has to save him and the world. While Ryu, Ken, and the other Street Fighter characters are force into this movie and having no point to be in this film. The only reason this film is slightly better than it's somewhat remake is the portrayal of M Bison by Raúl Juliá. Which made this film even more disappointing, as this was the last film performance of Juliá before his death.

3) Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

MORTAL KOMBAT! While the first movie is a little more faithful to the game, Annihilation is the perfect term for what this film did to it franchise. Now, take the fighting element out of the film and replace it with bad writing and awkward acting. While the Street Fighters characters were pointless in their film, Annihilation takes it to the next level of uselessness with their characters. Maybe this time, they might give us the gore that was promise in the first film. What?! Still, no gore! No wonder only 3 actors in the original film came back. FATALITY!

2) Any Video Game Movies Directed by Uwe Boll

Hey, you remember how I said some of these film are just mediocre. In Uwe Boll case, he has directed the most unwatchable movies of our century. His movies usually consist of bad acting, bad writing, bad action scenes, and the worst film direction you could ever see coming from the worst human being that you could ever think of. If only we had a time machine to send someone back in 2003 to prevent "House of The Dead" being release. That way, this monster would not have taken a piss on the "Alone in the Dark", "BloodRayne", and "Far Cry" franchises. I do not want to give this ass-hole number 1. For one, I feel like that I would give him an honor by doing so, but, also, I don't want to get murder by a crazy German in a boxing match.

1) Super Mario Bros.

It's not a me, Mario! This film may not be the worst of the video game movies, as it is consider to be so bad it's good, but it is really a disappointment. If you ask someone about this film, their responses would usually be something about dinosaurs and Dennis Hopper. Nintendo was not impress of how the movie treated their mascot. This leads the greatest disappointment of video game movies of all time, Nintendo no longer allows any other companies to use their property. So we are not going to get a Legend of Zelda, Metroid, or Star Fox film in our near future. Game Over, man.

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