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Season finally for season 5 of Game of Thrones....

I don't want to spoil everything...

But seriously the Game of Thrones TV series taught me a lot about TV shows and movies in general... If everything looks just happy and peachy in any type of way, there will be murder, torture, and just nonstop tears will just seep through your eyes when you just ask yourself who? What? When? And Why in the world would they even!?

George RR Martin is no longer part in the writing of Game of Thrones for the ongoing TV series...

That means the writers are just doing what ever they think will gain viewers to tune into the show for viewership and that is most likely more than anything it.

But because I became used to the desensitization of television and what not.. I wasn't surprised at the last scene of the finally of the fifth season of Game of Thrones.

They were just doing the Red Wedding all over again.

When they mentioned Benjen's name, we all knew what would happen to Jon. I mean seriously...

When Sam goes off to beyond the wall Jon's fate was just sealed.

Please let me know how your reactions were to the TV series finally of the fifth season of Game of thrones?


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