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Bless the people at Bethesda. Knowing that we would all be itching to play the newest addition in the Fallout series, they left us something to help ease the pain. That "thing" is none other than Fallout Shelter, which just so happens to be a mobile game (for both phones and tablets; Apple and Androids), which is completely free for us to play!

In it, we get to create our own vault, and become the Overseer! We control every little thing that goes on in our vault. It is our job to keep the dwellers happy and productive. The game pulls inspirations from other games that Bethesda loves and enjoys such as X-COM, Sim City, and FTL: Faster Than Light.

Each dweller has full stats (S.P.E.C.I.A.L.), can level up, and equip different armor and weapons, which they will need if/when you send them off into the wasteland! The wastelanders will then give reports on their adventures. This portion of Fallout Shelter is inspired by a little RPG called Progress Quest, which Todd Howard, Game Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda, encouraged us to play.

We will also need to keep track of our resources, and ensure that we have a balanced amount of food, water, and electricity. There are different rooms that we can build onto our shelter, which can either give us resources, or train our dwellers.

"The bar, of course, trains charisma." -Todd Howard
"The bar, of course, trains charisma." -Todd Howard

We are sometimes rewarded with Vault-Tec lunchboxes, which contain randomized loot, such as weapons, pop caps, and first aid items. You can purchase more lunchboxes with real money if you wish to, but it is completely unnecessary. You will not be hindered in any way if you choose not to pay for anything. There are no special bonuses or perks. (You're the best, Bethesda!)

Of course, it isn't all sunshine and rainbows all of the time. Accidents can happen, raiders and rad roaches can attack. But that doesn't mean there aren't occasionally new bundles of joy to keep us preoccupied.

As said before, Fallout Shelter is free to play on Apple and Android devices. However, it is currently being released as an Apple exclusive for a short time.

Have no fear, Android users, our time will come soon, and I'll update with the link to it when it's available! So what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

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