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In this article, I will give off a list of reasons why Ben Affleck Batman will be the best adaptation ever.

Number one: Darker and Gritter

Badass written all over it.
Badass written all over it.

That pic right there says it all. This Batman will be the one we've always wanted from the comics. This adaptation looks like he been through hell and back and will be a much darker version than the last one we saw from Christian Bale. It will make his look like Sesame Street. I mean look at him he looks menacing and intimidating and one not to be messed with. Watch out Supes.

Number Two: He has the look

Ben Affleck looks like the Bruce Wayne from the comic books. That stare says it all, full of rage maybe a good man who has finally turned cruel. Cant wait to see him in action.

Number Three: Detective Skills

One of the main criticisms of the last batman portrayed by Christian Bale was that he lacked detective skills because half of the time Morgan Freeman was doing all the work for him . Oh not this time around, from this photo it seems like he doing some digging on perhaps our fellow big blue boy scout and maybe finding a way to beat him.

Number Four: A man with weaponry

This version of Batman seems like a man prepared for anything and has a lot of high tech up his sleeve. From his armored batsuit to his batmobile and batwing. He definitely a batman that prepared for war

Number Five: A man among gods

This picture right here says it all. A man who not afraid of gods. This version of Batman isn't afraid to take on beings stronger than him at all . He even threatens Superman by telling him does he bleeds. Ladies and gentlemen this is the type of Batman we've been waiting for our entire lives.

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