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The monumental video game event E3 is upon us at last, and it is kicking off in full swing with Bethesda Softworks providing info on two big upcoming games, Fallout 4, and Dishonored 2.

You can check out the announcement trailer for Dishonored 2 here!

I have never really gotten into the Fallout series as much as others have, but I'm currently working on giving it a shot. However, I loved Dishonored from the moment I started the game.

In Dishonored, you play as Corvo Attano, a guard to the empress. After you are framed for her murder, you have to seek vengeance on those who wronged you while struggling to protect the empress' young daughter Emily. The game is very stealth-oriented, and in incredibly popular because of the sheer number of possible ways to complete the game. You could play 20 times by making different decisions every time to always keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

The sequel to the amazing game looks to improve on the first in a number of different ways.

A Fresh And Familiar Face

One of the obvious ways is the change of character who you play as. Instead of playing as Corvo, we get to experience the game as Emily Kaldwin, the young girl that you protected in the first game.

This time, it looks like she won't need any protection, as she can fend for herself quite well. In the trailer we get to see Emily using a variety of weapons and abilities, some familiar and some foreign.

The standard sword and crossbow make a triumphant return, as they should. Along with those, we see Emily use a variation of the spring-razor that we use in the first game, although instead of razors we get explosions in the latest iteration.

The powers we see in the trailer look very similar to those we got to utilize in the first game, although with a few minor variations. Instead of blinking like we did with Corvo, Emily seems to have grappling-like effect that serves the same purpose.

We also see Emily slow time in order to catch up with her prey, but in that same scene we are introduced to what seems to be a new power. Emily sends out Venom-like tendrils to string the target up. So it seems we will be able to use these new abilities to directly manipulate entire people.

A Beautiful New Location

We move on to a new, more visually appealing location in the second game. The streets seem to be cleaner, the atmosphere seems to be brighter, and we get an overall advanced vibe from the city compared to the dark morbid streets of Dunwall.

However, the authorities look like they have the same antagonistic traits that the last ones did, as we see them shooting don civilians in the streets. Also, even though I mentioned that the streets looked cleaner, we still see sickness taking its toll, and instead of rats populating the streets, we see birds spawning out of carcasses. Could it be that we will be able to possess these aviary creatures as we once did the rodents?

Other than the tone of the city, the simple scenery is nothing sort of majestic. The graphics of the game have an unmistakable familiar style to them, although they have experienced a major upgrade.The animations of the water, the nature, and even the mechanics make my jaw drop in awe.

Brand-New Baddies!

Dishonored 2 takes place several decades in the future judging by Emily's apparent age, and the technology of the world has been dramatically upgraded. We went from those clanky stilt-legged contraptions that would shoot missiles at us in the first game to these new golden assassin-bots that move incredibly fast. Without warning, one of them manages to sever a crossbow bolt out of midair! I'm looking forward to finding all the new ways to dismantle these murder-bots when the game finally gets released!


What are you most excited for in Dishonored 2?


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