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The Breakfast Club, John Hughes' masterpiece we all love, is 30 years old today. People said its pilot would never work in 2015. But who knew, if we take away all of the phones and tablets, it may do the trick.

So, here you go - the fan-cast that no one asked for:

The Princess: Claire Standish

We all love Molly's version of Claire. She has that 80s beauty, that spoiled brat attitude, that tension going on between her and Bender. But again, this isn't the 80s. Let's be realistic. Who would look like that in their high school years these days? Her look is so retro it hurts.

So, I think for the 2015 version, The Princess should be...

Ella Purnell

She's the perfect age, she's beautiful (duh), and she can totally be a bitch when she wants to. Plus, she doesn't have the cliche Blonde Queen Bee look.

The Basket Case: Allison Reynolds

She is the fucked up bitch and a compulsive liar. Despite rocking a rather unconventional style, she's still very pretty in her own way.

So, how about...

Chloë Grace Moretz

From Let Me In to Kick-Ass, you can see she's a amazing actress and a promising young talent. She's done very well in capturing characters with tragic past and dark secrets, but she would have to dye her hair black for the role.

The Athlete: Andrew Clark

He's the typical high school athlete, with some serious daddy issues that turn him into to a little bit of a bully. So, in conclusion, the shortest description of him is: Seems to be a dick, but isn't.

So, my option is : Taron Egerton.I don't think i have much to explain. What, you think Eggsy can't handle highschool?

Taron Egerton
Taron Egerton

4, The Brain: Brian Johnson

Asa Butterfield. He's cute and geeky,and has the perfect age for the role. And no ,he does not look 12 ,stop saying that.

Asa Butterfield
Asa Butterfield

5, The Criminal: John Bender

He's everyone's favourite character. He's bring everyone together. How fabulous could John Bender be ? I don't think of anyone can replace Judd Nelson. Who can rock that hairstyle these day ?

All I can think of is: Avan Jogia

Look, I'm not fond of this option but I can't think of anybody else. A no name could be fine.

6, Mr.Vernon : Bryan Cranston

I am god damn right, aren't I?


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