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Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) is a DC mercenary who mostly plays the role of villain, particularly to Batman. He has appeared in many forms of media and in the past few years, he has slowly risen in popularity as he left the realm of obscurity and entered the mainstream. This was done through the Arkham games, Arrow and now the Suicide Squad film (where the role has star Will Smith attached to it). Deadshot is quickly becoming hot property and one would expect that he would make some sort of appearance in Gotham to tie him to his main comicbook enemy so that the general audience can connect Deadshot and Batman. He would definitely be a welcome edition in the world of Gotham. Although, I think he’s already appeared. Before we begin, let me address the main problems with this theory.

Problems with the theory

1. Arrow recently had their version of Deadshot “killed off” so as not to confuse audiences when Will Smith hits the big screen as Deadshot next year. So why would Gotham immediately jump on that? Although, that point could be reversed. Now that Deadshot has left Arrow, that leaves a pre-costume/name Deadshot free to make an appearance.

2. Deadshot’s origin will be different, but origins are always getting reworked and Gotham is already familiar with that sort of thing

Here’s the theory:

My theory suggests that THIS guy:

is Floyd Lawton/Deadshot.

Not taking into account that this theory could connect Arrow with Gotham because this guy looks like a young Michael Rowe (Arrow’s Deadshot), the theory already has many reasons why it’ll happen.

First of all, the guard is a hired gunman, which is effectively what Deadshot does now and working as a hired gun on an island seems like a valid stepping stone that Floyd would take before he becomes Deadshot.

Second, Gotham is a show that names ALL its characters, whether they be characters from the comics or original characters. So why does it choose to name the guard simply “The Catcher.” He’s a fairly important character and he doesn’t get a proper name. Maybe this is because his real name is something recognizable, like Floyd Lawton.

Third, when The Catcher shoots Fish, the camera makes a big deal out of showing that he is swapping to a different gun and when he shoots, the camera focuses on him and then zooms in on the gun in a certain angle which is visually similar to many other interpretations of Deadshot.

Fourth, he has incredibly good aim (just like Deadshot) and manages to quickly pick up a rifle and shoot Fish inside a moving helicopter. The scene appears to have been made specifically to show his skills as the bullet wound doesn’t hinder Fish later on. Also, he has the same sort of hat that Deadshot wears sometimes, but that point means basically nothing.

Fifth, if Fish isn’t really dead, Deadshot would have a perfectly good reason to come to Gotham as he would want revenge.

But you’ve just described an average gunman with Deadshot-like qualities. What makes him Deadshot?

Deadshot in 'Arrow' (not in the comics) has only one eye. Although, this idea could come back for 'Gotham'. So how does he lose this eye? The answer is:

THIS guy, the Dollmaker.

The Dollmaker experiments on people’s bodies and his island has never been escaped. One managed to escape though: Fish Mooney and her crew. The Dollmaker is a vindictive man who punishes insolence (as seen with Jeffrey Combs’ Office Manager character). He believes in poetic justice and believes humans to be just a collection of parts. (Actually, on an slightly off-topic note, I’m just going to hazard a theory that the Dollmaker in Gotham is the father of the Dollmaker in Arrow and the son is now in his 20s (probably even plaguing Quentin). In the comics, one version of the Dollmaker is influenced to become who he is by his father. This could be a variation of that if DC wanted Gotham and Arrow to connect.) Ok, back to Deadshot.

Now, Fish Mooney is, in the eyes of the Dollmaker, the woman with the great eyes, who scooped one out and crushed it, before he replaced it as an act of kindness and trust. She escapes and in his twisted mind, he blames the one who let her get away. He calls the Catcher into his room and then proceeds to remove his eye to get his own version of justice. I’ll admit, I thought even before the Catcher appeared that Deadshot would be appearing because of the island. I thought this because when Fish scooped out her eye, I immediately thought that the show was going to surprise us. I was thinking they would take someone who was originally an original character and then make her a female version of Deadshot. I thought that would be awesome and I chuckled to myself in the realization that both her and her husband (Will Smith) would be playing Deadshot. This could still happen if Fish survives, but I still it’s the Catcher. So anyway, the Catcher leaves the island, possibly after killing the Dollmaker, and head to Gotham. He could then start working for the Penguin or something before going freelance (is that what they call it in the assassin business?) and thereby plaguing the Batman in years to come.

So what do you think? Is Deadshot coming to Gotham? If so, is he the Catcher, Fish Mooney or someone completely different? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!


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