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God of War 4 is probably only a few days away from an official reveal. We've no idea what we should really expect from the announcement, but the idea of a new protagonist taking over the series is not exactly that farfetched. We've explored the idea of Kratos returning and facing a whole new armada of gods, but what if Santa Monica Studios actually replace him with someone completely new in a different time, setting and location?

Kratos is the kind of character you'd imagine actually killing the protagonist of God of War 4 to take his place - that'd be a seriously great twist. But if God of War 4 starred a new protagonist in a whole new setting, which new time period would most interest you and do you think God of War works without Kratos?

God of War 4
God of War 4

Could God of War 4 Replace Kratos For a New Protagonist With New Gods to Kill?

The idea of Kratos somehow winding up in a different time period and deciding to take on a whole new entourage of gods would seem like a bit of a narrative stretch - it might feel a bit forced. But of course, the story for God of War 4 may have nothing to do with this idea whatsoever, but a lot of the Greek gods have perished at Kratos' hand. There wouldn't be much sense in continuing with this setting. That being said, Greek culture has been central to the success of God of War, would it feel weird outside of these stories?

Listening to the tales that ancient civilisations wove before us being retold in a video game setting is sensationally cool. Kratos interacted with these myths and reshaped them, and we'd love to see a new protagonist do the same to another time period and culture. But we're worried that fans may feel betrayed by such a move. Is God of War 4 still God of War if Kratos isn't around to kick some ass?

God of War 4
God of War 4

I'd love to see God of War 4 set within the time of the Egyptian empire. Their gods are just as fascinating as those of Greek history and it'd be insanely epic to try and take them all out. But I'm sure Sony may be worried with the idea of replacing Kratos, that's a seriously tough gig to follow! He's central to the success of the series and I'm sure they'd be worried about the response to his departure from the series.

Be sure to let us know what your favourite aspect of the God of War franchise is in the comments below and whether God of War 4 would be a betrayal for you if Kratos wasn't present on the PS4.


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