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When Frozen was released by Disney in November 2013 the world went absolutely crazy for the sister-centric animated movie. Now, over a year-and-a-half later, the craziness still hasn't slowed down with the film having raked in over $1 billion at the box office, multiple millions in merchandise, and also about to have its own ride at Epcot!

When it was released, critics of the film lauded it for being a first for many aspects of story telling for Disney, and praise was heaped upon it left, right and center. However, while Frozen is obviously an amazing film, and the messages it sends are fantastic, especially for it's young target audience, it certainly wasn't the first Disney film to share some of these ideas, as Imgur user HarlequinOfHate has pointed out.

Below are six different things that Frozen has been praised for time and time again that other Disney films actually did first:

1. "The first Disney movie to tell girls they can fight too is Frozen"

Excuse me? Mulan has been kicking ass and taking names for Disney since 1998 (and for China since like the 6th century!).

2. "Frozen is the first Disney movie where the girl didn't need a man to save her!"

Over a year before Frozen was released, fiery red-head Merida proved in Brave that she was more than capable of taking care of herself without a suitor, and in 1985 in the underrated film The Black Cauldron Princess Eilonwy showed true girl power when she lead the film's main character, Taran out of a dungeon and out of danger.

3. "Frozen is the first Disney movie to question why someone would get married after knowing them for only a day."

Enchanted totally got there first and that's how we have ended up with the perfect couples of Robert and Giselle, and Edward and Nancy!

4. "Frozen is the first Disney movie about loving sisters!"

Much like Anna and Elsa, Lilo and Nani had arguments and moments of dislike for each, but ultimately both pairs had the unbreakable bond of sisterhood, however with a release date of 2002, there's no question Lilo & Stitch totally pipped Frozen at the post.

5. "Frozen is the first film to have a blond male lead who 'doesn't fit the cookie cutter mold'"

Captain Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame is definitely one of the most underrated characters in Disney films. Not only is he a highly reputed soldier, but also an honorable and down-to-earth man sticking up for Esmeralda's rights more than once. Kristoff is great, but back in '96 it was Phoebus who set the benchmark.

6. "Frozen had the best soundtrack in a Disney film of all time!"

Frozen might have had an absolute belter of a song, but we've been lifting our cats in the air to Elton John's 'Circle of Life' since way back in '94. Let's wait 20 years to see if it truly deserves the title of Best Soundtrack, shall we?

But despite all of this rebuttal, I suspect there's one thing that die-hard Frozen fans have to say to those who hate on the franchise: Let it go.

Source: Imgur, The Omnibus Online


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