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Snow White's prince was so undeveloped as a character that he didn't even have a proper name, but could this mysterious figure's role in the movie be a lot more sinister than our childish, innocent minds could have fathomed?

Reddit user Scherazade has theorized that the prince could be a metaphor for something even more sinister than the foreboding Evil Queen: Death itself.

A reasonable reaction to finding out your bf might be death itself
A reasonable reaction to finding out your bf might be death itself

While this fan theory might initially seem down right bizarre, the two supposedly romantic moments where Snow White comes face-to-face with Prince Charming do definitely have some sinister aspects about them.

1. The Wishing Well

Snow White's initial meeting with Prince Charming had her running scared, but was her concern caused by more than mere surprise?

Although Disney's intentions were to show the audience that Snow White was a naive, isolated young girl who is shocked by a prince turning up in her courtyard, Scherazade has a different take on things.

The alternate theory is that the Prince represents a brush with death. The fact that Snow White seems desperately afraid of him could be a visual metaphor that represents a narrow escape from drowning in the well. After all, she was hanging over the well just before the Prince appeared...

2. The Fateful Kiss

Prince Charming's kiss awakens Snow White from her poisoned slumber, but is he bringing her back to the land of the living or sweeping her off into another dimension entirely?

I've always found the final scene of Snow White really creepy, with it's luminous castles appearing in the sky and choral singing, and this fan theory might just explain why.

The kiss of death?
The kiss of death?

According to Scherazade, the Prince's kiss could actually represent him rousing Snow White from the grave to escort her into the afterlife, hence the strange imagery in the sky and the white horse used to lead his princess into the distance.

The white horse has a symbolic relationship with death in the bible (referred to as a 'pale horse' in Revelations) and this might also explain why Snow White is seen saying goodbye to the dwarfs like she is never going to see them again.

In the words of Scherazade, Prince Charming has many similarities with death because he is:

"Always present, always looming, but never intervening until it's too late. Seen as an escape, but always risky, Snow White shies away from it when it first tries to embrace her."

Although this clearly isn't what Disney intended when he constructed the tale of Prince Charming, it is an interesting theory to wrap your morbid, adult mind around. After all, someday the prince will come for all of us.

Do you think the prince could represent death?

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