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Why should fictional comic book heroes have all the, erm... fun, right? The streets of our real world are just as grimy and riddled with crime as Gotham, Metropolis, Marvel's New York, et al, so it's high time exceptional people with hearts the size of Goliath's stepped up to protect their fellow citizens and their respective cities.

Much like London's latest real life superhero, who has been seen lurking in and around Bromley and other hot-spots in the city's South-East district. The "Bromley Batman," as he has been aptly nicknamed, has operated out of the shadows for three years, building himself quite the reputation.

The Hero London Needs

Move over Captain Britain, a new kid's in town
Move over Captain Britain, a new kid's in town

More and more almost-victims of crime have reached out to the press to sing the black clad hero's praises. The most recent of them being "Ken," a City banker who was almost robbed by a pack of young goons as he was walking through Martin's Hill one Monday night.

In an interview with London tabloid The Evening Standard, "Ken" stated that on his walk, he was approached by a pack of youths. "I thought I was quite literally done for," he remarked, remembering as the "foul-mouthed" gang bayed for his wallet and mobile phone:

Then, out of nowhere, a man about 6ft tall, dressed in black combat-style trousers and a tight muscle top, and wearing a black bandana mask, came running towards them.
He kicked the biggest of my attackers to the ground, which must have knocked the wind out of him.
Then he grabbed one of the others and swung him into the other one, and pushed them both into a prickly hedge. They were both screaming in pain.
It actually scared the life out of me - as I'm sure it did the young chaps who attempted to mug me.

Yeah, I'm not surprised at all!

A Fire Rises

The skilled martial artist has been allegedly spotted on another three occasions; saving a business man from being robbed at knifepoint, a female passenger exiting Lewisham DLR station and stopping a violent scuffle between some drunks in Penge by placing one of the assailants in a "ninja lock":

He grabbed one of them, attacking him, and put some kind of ninja lock on him. He pushed him while twisting this geezer's arm into the other fella.

Recently the Standard was able to put a personality to the hulking shadow of a man, as the "Bromley Bat" reached out to the tabloid in order to clear up a few things, especially the nickname bestowed upon him.

A Hero Is Born

In conversation via an anonymous e-mail carrier, "Bromley Batman" revealed his reasons for adopting darkness as his ally:

I just want to make a difference and leave this world a tiny bit better for the younger generation to inherit.
I got sick of seeing crime on the news and in the papers with rarely anyone willing to step in and help people in need.

After having practiced self defence "since a young age" and picking some "things up from past employment," the cavalcade of negativity in the world sparked a wildfire in his belly, prompting him to turn his skills toward the betterment of our tainted society:

I just remember one day thinking: 'I have the skills to help, so what am I doing with my life?'
I sat and watched crime being reported and [news about] scandals in parliament, and thought: 'This world is f***ed up and needs some help.'
Spoke society sincerely...
Spoke society sincerely...

He also took the time to comment on the fact that he thought his nickname to be "God awful," but didn't have any interest in coming up with a new one himself:

As a young boy I always enjoyed The Shadow, so if any name then that one kind of makes some sense.
The Shadow
The Shadow

Still to this day South London police authorities claim to have received no reports of a vigilante on the loose, but if he was to become a permanent fixture in the local area, well wishers would be lining up to offer their thanks.

As Bruce Wayne stated in the now 10-year-old Batman Begins (many happy returns), "people need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy" and this has been evidenced by this brilliant man taking the time out of his life, placing himself in incredible danger, in order to protect innocent people from the inescapable threats of modern day society.

Like a real-life Daredevil who is just honing his craft:

The world is indeed very fucked up, but I'm more than happy to inhabit it with these fantastic humans keeping watch over us. I salute you, The Shadow.

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