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It looks dead (a bit like the dinosaurs in the movie...apologies...bad extinction joke) set that Chris Pratt will return for another Jurassic World movie! Its opening weekend saw the film take a record breaking $511 million at the box office worldwide, so he would be stupid not to, right?

Chris plays Owen Grady, a Velociraptor expert and trainer in dino adventure and he talked to Entertainment Weekly about his new Jurassic contract:

"They have me for I think 38 movies or something."

38 more Jurassic Park movies might be a tad extreme, but just where could they take the dinos in the future? An island changed into a theme park that has terrible weather conditions and a guy that likes to shut down computer systems, causing carnage so he can get a load of cash, which causes colossal damage before it's even open to the public? Done. Create a theme park that's actually open to the public and then loads of dinosaurs go crazy and chaos ensues? Done.

So just where could it go? Here are a few options, some serious, some downright bizarre:

1. No More Theme Parks

This is one thing we do know, the idea has been pretty exhausted by now. I mean, they can't open up another theme park and expect it to go well! But just how will it be possible for audiences to believe in the idea of humans and dinosaurs living together?

2. Science Experiment Gone Wrong

There's always one person who has a huge ego that doesn't listen to anyone's "I wouldn't do that if I were you" advice; some hot new scientist that just wants their name in all the science books for being amazing and blah. These kinds of people always ruin it for the rest of us. So when some brainiac decides to replicate dinosaurs in a laboratory in a major city, all hell breaks lose and a T-Rex eats Big Ben. Think King Kong meets Gremlins 2: The New Batch and you'll totally get where I'm going with this.

3. Surprise Attack

Jurassic World seems like a huge tragedy to all those reading about it in the newspapers, and everyone's very thankful that they're not there and just safely living their everyday lives. But, many dinosaurs have escaped and are hungry. They then travel without detection to urban areas. And then you get something similar to the idea above, without the annoying scientist to blame it all on.

4. Space?!

Hmmm, maybe a cool idea in theory, but you're not going to get the anticipation of a T-Rex getting closer and closer to a jeep effect. More like just hoping you don't float past them and have your arm bitten off.

Ok, so space is a bit ridiculous and I'm aware it's not a feasible option, and I thought it was about as weird as it could get. Then I stumbled across something that's just too hilarious not to include, more than the space one, except this one is oh so very real; well, in a book form.

5. Dinoerotica

Yes, that word means exactly what you think it means. Weird huh?

It seems like some people like dinosaurs a little bit too much. If you're a little intrigued by what on Earth this book could possibly contain, check out these hilarious videos of Chris Pratt and his Jurassic World co-star Bryce Dallas Howard reading some of the juicier passages.

It all seems really crazy, but if Chris' tongue in cheek statement about 38 movies were actually true, they'd be hard pressed to come up with new material after about the 15th... I'm sure Christy Sims, the author of these books, could write an interesting screenplay, although I doubt Mr. Spielberg would approve!

But in all seriousness...



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