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Before she became one half of Brangelina, a mother to a brood of six kids and one of the most active humanitarians out of the Hollywood clique, Angelina Jolie was just a young model trying to make a breakthrough in the business.

And a number of sensational images have been revealed, really giving us a glimpse into what the actress was like back in the '90s before she became one of the most famous women on the planet.

These days, the Maleficent star is 40-years-old and is no stranger to rocking the carpet in the most fabulous of gowns. These photos, taken in 1995, however show a different side to Angie.

Just take a peek at that dark red pout and those incredible bangs!

And that white pantsuit, paired with a smattering of choker pearls, just screams '90s goddess.

The same year that these photos were taken, Angie got her big break in movie Hackers. Take a look at the wild child in action in the trailer below, alongside her then-future husband Jonny Lee Miller (they divorced by 1999):

Seeing her in all of her '90s, disheveled glory as she started out in Hollywood, it's hard to believe how far she's come since. Fast forward 20 years, and Angelina is now married to Brad with countless achievements under her belt.

Today, her appearance is a far cry from the rebellious outlook on life she had back during her promotional images for Hackers. In fact, having turned 40, she most recently outlined some grandiose plans for the future, saying:

"I would be happy when [acting] is over. If I am lucky enough to have a career as a director, it would be a very nice transition. And then, when I can, Brad and I can work together."

Her most recent directing and producing success has been the biographical war drama Unbroken, a film about a life of an Olympian athlete during the Second World War. Take a look at the trailer here:

Undoubtedly, in her professional and personal life, Angie has clearly come a long way since those cheeky pics were taken back in 1995. Today, we love her for who she has become but it's also incredibly endearing to see her back when she was just a young girl trying to get her big break!



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