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The promotional campaign for Marvel's pint-sized pugilist Ant-Man is beginning to heat up, with the release of some pretty awesome and incredibly simple posters that revel in the MCU and its veritable advent calendar of superheroes, now including the tiny badass Scott Lang himself.

The posters see lil' lang posing alongside more iconic and well known weaponry, such as Mjölnir, the Iron Man armor and Cap's vibranium shield.

Have a little look-see:

Ant-Man & Cap's Shield

Ant-Man & Mjölnir

Ant-Man & Iron Man

And they're pretty well done, naturally, it is Marvel's handiwork after all. But with these official posters, naturally, comes ridiculous fan generated content.


DeviantArtist tclarke597, otherwise known as Thomas Clarke, has created an array of stunning Ant-Man parody posters, which see the miniature mugger getting closer to the other members of the Avengers, barring Scarlet Witch but including a brilliant take on The Vision.

Some of them are so good, it's a surprise that Marvel didn't actually run with these ideas as official posters! Unless, perhaps, they're saving some gems for later of course.

Check them out:

Ant-Man & The Hulk

Ant-Man & Black Widow

Ant-Man & Hawkeye

Ant-Man & Falcon

Ant-Man & War Machine

Ant-Man & The Vision

Splitting The Crowd

How good where they? Honestly, I wonder just how insane Ant-Man will be. Will it be this summer's GotG? The latest TV spot kind of yells that, to me at least:

Thoughts of that aside for a moment though, as a few cheeky fans have created some very tongue in cheek one-sheets, where Lang spends a fair amount of time traversing the nuances of Black Widow's snug catsuit.

I'm not too sure how the First Lady of The Avengers would take to this personal intrusion. Poorly, more than likely...

Ant-Man & Black Widow's Butt

Pretty Self Explanatory

But, it was only a mere matter of time before someone had the clarity to photoshop Ant-Man popping out of Black Widow's cleavage:

Bonus Ant-Goods!

To finish our little foray into some brilliant and some a little more obscure Ant-Man posters, this absolute stunner from Russia has landed on our shores, and looks absolutely astounding.

In keeping with the more espionage-y, heist-like feel of the impending caper, here we have Scott Lang turning into his heroic alter-ego right in the center of the piece:

This poster screams a more sixties aesthetic to me, and how it alludes to heist and espionage movies from that era is pretty in-keeping with Captain America: The Winter Solider's Cold War-esque escapades, and that movie's exceptional outro sequence:

Great fan art by a talented artist here. I wonder what other gems of promotional imagery Marvel has in store for us?

(Sources: tclarke597/DeviantArt, Bleeding Cool, Imgur)


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