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It is amazing how an innocent photo can pick up the craziest things. This is the latest ghost footage to hit the media. The following story and image has gone viral as it seemingly catches a ghost walking the corridors of a modern hospital...

This story comes from within a modern infirmary in the UK. Although not renowned for the paranormal, this hospital - as with any institution that deals with life and death - has a few haunted tales. The footage captured comes from one of its employees on a night shift.

Andrew Milburn was texting his girlfriend as he came onto the night shift last Friday. For reasons we will not get into today, Andrew took a picture of the corridor he was walking down to prove to his beloved that he was indeed at work.

Leeds General
Leeds General
My girlfriend asked me to prove I was at work so I sent her a picture as I walked to my office. Unbeknown at the time, it appears I captures a ghost figure in the corridors. - Milburn

It wasn't until he got into the recreation room that he noticed something odd in the photo. He rang his girlfriend to ask if she was seeing what he was seeing.

What it appeared to have captured was a female figure standing at the end of the corridor just outside of the Children's Ward. The figure appears to be dressed in a long flowing dress. Many have come out and said that they believe her to be a nurse from the '40s, others have said she must have been a patient.

Andrew Milburn
Andrew Milburn

Of course, some others have said that it must be a Photoshopped image. Andrew adamantly denies this and claims to have the evidence to prove that it is not re-touched at all. The timing between taking the photo and sending it to his girlfriend is not enough for a Photoshop session to take place.

The girlfriend received the same image that appears above, just 50 seconds after the phone snapped the apparition.

Let's get a closer look...

Andrew Milburn
Andrew Milburn

After a little digging, it's become apparent that although there haven't been any sightings within the hospital by others, the Children's Ward has always been an "uncomfortable" place to work.

"It has also been shared on to paranormal investigator groups, many of which believe the picture is real." - Milburn

Workers have stated that they have heard footsteps. In one eery instance, a patient's bed was moved out into the hallway. This adds to people's theories of the figure being a nurse.

There have been a few off things. Now people are a bit scared and apprehensive about going round there. - Milburn
Ghostly image
Ghostly image

What do you think about the image?

Previously a skeptic, Andrew now states that he is a firm believer in ghosts. But, what do you think? Is this a real ghost caught on camera or just another glitch in the Matrix?

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I hope you all think twice the next time you are about to take a snap for Snapchat. You never know who or what is watching. It could happen to you!


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