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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was one of the most surprising video game success stories in recent memory. The Lord of the Rings games that Warner Brothers have overseen for the last few years have been average, with a few decent ideas along the way. However, when it came to one of last year's greatest games, Monolith Studios just seemed to nail every aspect of their design. There's room for improvement with the model that Shadow of Mordor has established, and we can't wait for the announcement of the sequel.

Due to the success of this game, and the fact that Warner Brothers haven't made anything stick in the last while for this franchise, I think it's almost guaranteed that we'll see Shadow of Mordor 2. But what can we expect from the game's sequel and what do you want to be improved upon for Shadow of Mordor 2?

Shadow of Mordor 2
Shadow of Mordor 2

Shadow of Mordor 2: What to Expect From Monolith Productions on Release Date

The nemesis system is obviously the most discussed aspect of Shadow of Mordor. The rest of the game was kind of a perfecting, or streamlining of a lot of other gameplay features we've seen in the likes of [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) or the [Batman: Arkham Series](tag:2586475). But the Nemesis system is a surprisingly revolutionary aspect of the game - something which we were sure we'd never see a Lord of the Rings game accomplish. A lot of games are more than likely going to adopt this system in the future, but the real pressure will be on Monolith to supersede the way in which it was utilised in Shadow of Mordor.

What kind of developments on the idea can we anticipate then? Should we be able to have more control over our opponents? Will we be able to command larger groups of orcs and will Shadow of Mordor 2 include other enemies and beings for us to control? Did you also enjoy playing a game that was quite disconnected from the Middle Earth we've seen on the screen (aside from a Gollum cameo)? Should the sequel have more characters from the books?

Shadow of Mordor 2
Shadow of Mordor 2

It's weird, with Shadow of Mordor 2, I kind of just want a lot more of the same thing with a few additional improvements. A larger open world, more combat variations, a better story, increased depth in the nemesis system and even more procedurally generated enemies. What would you like to see on the release date of Shadow of Mordor 2 for the XBOX One and PS4? Did you enjoy Monolith Productions' achievements with the title? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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