ByOlivia van der Will, writer at

Back in February, it was announced that the sweet little heartwarming robot called Wall-E was going to get his own LEGO line. The LEGO kit has been highly anticipated by fans and this is the first reported look at it, after images were leaked online.

The SmythsToys website has set the release date of the LEGO for December 1 of this year, with a price tag of €57.99, or about $65 US dollars.

It really would be difficult to put this box back on the shelf, when it's radiating cuteness:

The first look of the Wall-E LEGO sure looks sweet:

As the LEGO is not out until December this year, it may be an error that it has already been revealed on the Smyths website. These first images may also be placeholders to get fans excited, and the real images may be released later this year. Although, I cant see why an official toy store website would be uploading fake images to their page.

I think the likeness to Wall-E is fantastic and if this is to be the real model it will go down really well with fans.

It would be nice too, if LEGO were to bring out an Eve LEGO set. I wonder if this is in the pipeline...

Wall-E LEGO will be in stores ready for Christmas. I can see it being on many children's and adult's lists for Santa, that is, if they can wait that long to own it.


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