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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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When a movie star dies, millions of people are shocked and saddened. Their memory lives with us through the years, sometimes clouded by confusion regarding the circumstances of their deaths.

From first person evidence to far-fetched theory, there are certain movie star deaths that are regarded by some as suspicious. Read the evidence for each case below and decide for yourself which verdict you believe...

1. Marilyn Monroe

Movies: Some Like It Hot, Seven Year Itch

Died: August 5, 1962. Monroe was found in her LA home overdosed on barbiturates.

Suspicious Evidence: Due to her connections with powerful men such as President J.F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro, many were suspicious when this lively, successful woman died so young. Recently, retired CIA agent Norman Hodges told press that he had assassinated her at the orders of his superiors:

"My commanding officer, Jimmy Hayworth, told me that she had to die, and that it had to look like a suicide or an overdose. I had never killed a woman before, but I obeyed orders… I did it for America!
She could have transmitted strategic information to the communists, and we couldn’t allow that! She had to die! I just did what I had to do!"

Some even believe that the star's spirit is not at rest; many sightings of her 'ghost' have been reported.


What's your verdict on the death of Marilyn Monroe?


2. Anna Nicole Smith

Movies: Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult, The Hudsucker Proxy

Died: Smith was found to have overdosed on prescription medications in a Florida hotel room on February 8, 2007.

Suspicious Evidence: Despite the fact that her doctor diagnosed Smith with a prescription drug addiction and borderline personality disorder, many argue that this troubled star did not suffer an accidental overdose. Judge Larry Seidlin said of the case:

"Anna Nicole Smith may have been murdered. I think there was foul play and it should be investigated by an independent agency."


What's your verdict on the death of Anna Nicole Smith?


3. Heath Ledger

Movies: 10 Things I Hate About You, The Dark Knight

Died: Found unconscious in his bed, January 22, 2008.

Suspicious Evidence: The strange conspiracy theory behind Heath Ledger's death points at a deeper threat - a murderous secret society in Hollywood itself. However, this 'evidence' is taken mostly from Randy Quaid's bizarre rants about 'star whackers' - people set on assassinating famous actors - who had killed Heath Ledger and were after him, too. Check out the video yourself.


What's your verdict on the death of Heath Ledger?


4. David Carradine

Movies: Kill Bill, Deathsport

Died: Found by a maid in a Bangkok hotel room with a noose around his neck on June 4, 2009.

Suspicious Evidence: Chuck Binder, Carradine's agent, has always been suspicious of his client's death. The official report noted that Carradine's hands were tied behind his back and an unidentified footprint had been found in the room with him. Binder continues to contest the verdict that Carradine's death was caused by an auto-erotic asphyxiation game gone wrong.


What's your verdict on the death of David Carradine?


5. Brittany Murphy

Movies: Spun, Clueless, 8 Mile

Died: December 20, 2009 from some unknown poison.

Suspicious Evidence: Brittany Murphy's father, Angelo Berlotti went as far as to say that Brittany's mother, Sharon, may have been involved in a cover-up, telling Examiner:

*Warning - disturbing content*

"Brittany told her mother, “Mommy, I’m dying,” at least an hour before Sharon called 911... She lied to the 911 operator that mouth-to-mouth was being performed on Brittany, but later admitted to Larry King that wasn’t true either. No one did mouth-to-mouth.

No one questioned anything and five months later, Simon [Brittany's husband] was dead. Just like Brittany, he was struggling to breathe, vomiting, suffering in agony.

The autopsy says that Sharon called the ambulance at least five hours after Simon died. She admitted being in the same room with him during all that time. Still, no one asked any questions."


What's your verdict on the death of Brittany Murphy?


6. Paul Walker

Movies: The Fast & The Furious, Into the Blue

Died: Paul Walker and friend Roger Rodas were killed when the Porsche they were driving crashed into a tree on November 30, 2013.

Suspicious Evidence: The 'evidence' in this case is pretty 'suspicious' itself - a far-fetched theory that Paul Walker was killed by a US drone strike - specifically an AGM-114 Hellfire missile shot by an MQ-1 Predator drone - was reported by conspiracy site Truther. Then again, there are also people who genuinely believe that Paul Walker is still alive...

For the majority of fans, the following video is how we wish to remember him.


What's your verdict on the death of Paul Walker?


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