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Now, there are a whole lot of leisure activities that'd be particularly awesome to share with superheroes - or, at least, with the awesome actors who play them on the big screen.

Hitting a Football game with super-fans Chris Evans (a.k.a. Captain America) and Chris Pratt (a.k.a. Star-Lord), for instance, or grabbing chimichangas with Ryan Reynolds (a.k.a. Deadpool) - and hell, if Robert Downey Jr. was the one doing the inviting, I reckon most of us'd give pretty much anything a go.

If you were ever going to hang out with Hugh Jackman, though - Wolverine himself - there'd arguably be no better activity than grabbing a simple, high-class dinner in an awesome restaurant. After all, Jackman really...

Pit stop at Sarabeth's Kitchen after @kellyandmichael. You are both awesome. See you in October!

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Worth every single minute I will be in the gym for this!

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I'm Hugh and I'm a nerd!!!!!

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...loves his food, as ably illustrated by his Instagram feed.

Which, if you ask me, makes this next piece of information all the more ridiculously enticing:

You Can Now Bid on a Dinner for Two With Hugh Jackman

That's right, if you've got a spare $25,000 or so lying around, you could soon be winging your way to New York to grab dinner with Hugh Jackman, his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

That, y'see, is the awesome-sounding experience you can bid on as part of the 2015 Midwinter Ball over in Australia - one in which you'd be flown out to New York in business class, before being wined and dined by Jackman and co.

Which sounds like a great time, and all - unless you don't happen to agree with Bishop's politics, or have a big thing for Sabretooth - but, sadly, does require a bid larger than $25,000. If you've got a small fortune to spare, though - though $25k in Australian dollars works out as around $19.4k US, so you might 'only' need around $20 grand to win - then it's bound to be a pretty incredible experience - one which you can bid on right here.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to root around down the back of my couch, just in case someone dropped $20,000 in small change back there...

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