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Karly Rayner

Channing Tatum might have bewitched us all with his undulating pecs on Magic Mike, but one lucky woman in Las Vegas was given a chance to fall under the hunky actor's spell in the flesh.

An eagle eyed MC spotted Channing Tatum at Caesar's Palace on Thursday, and used dogged persuasion to get the Magic Mike star to strut his stuff in the racy show entitled 'Absinthe.'

Although Tatum was clearly planning on just settling down and enjoying the show, he couldn't resist busting out some of his stripping moves on stage with a lucky fan after being singled out.

Although Chan seems to be the sort of guy who is always game for a laugh, even he seems shocked that he was persuaded to wildly gyrate his money maker in front of a big crowd for free. I think the look on his face in the candid snap below says it all!

(Source: TMZ)


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