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In the great wide world of the Marvel Comic Book Universe, there're an almost infinite number of possibilities as to what and who we can see, and where and when we can see it/them. After all, with - at least until recently - a virtually-infinite number of alternative realities and potential futures available to them, Marvel writers have long had the opportunity to explore more-or-less whatever insane and/or brilliant idea that happened to pop into their heads.

Over the years, that freedom has given us a whole lot of awesomeness - whether in the pages of What If, as part of a mainstream crossover event, or even as an entire 'Ultimate' universe. Rarely, though, has that loose attachment to a solitary reality been seen on the big screen.

"Hulk notably not grey."
"Hulk notably not grey."

I mean, sure, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was very much influenced by the Ultimate comic book one - but it's also retained a tight and consistent grip on its own sense of reality. Even the X-Men movies, with their constant time-travelling and reality switching, have largely remained wedded to the idea that there's one 'main' reality.

What, though, if that's about to change?

It Looks as Though We Might Be One Step Closer to Seeing Spider-Gwen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Which, seeing as Spider-Gwen (or, more properly, the alternate version of Gwen Stacy who, along with becoming Spider-Woman, recently appeared in the comic book Spider-Verse story-line, and ended up being so popular that she got her own comic book) is very much from an alternative reality, might just mean we're about to see alternative realities enter the MCU.

Why Is That a Possibility at All, Though?

After all, awesome as she is, surely the idea of bringing as out-there a character as a no-longer-dead Gwen Stacy into the MCU is a step (or seven) outside of Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige and co's natural comfort zone?

Well, perhaps - but it seems that support for Spider-Gwen may well go above even Kevin Feige's pay grade...

Y'see, it turns out that when Spider-Gwen was first in line to receive her own comic, a major driving force behind the decision was Isaac 'Ike' Perlmutter, Marvel Entertainment CEO - otherwise known as one of the only people who Kevin Feige has to get to sign off on major decisions involving Marvel Studios.

Seen here back in 1985.
Seen here back in 1985.

A notoriously private - some might say reclusive - man, Perlmutter doesn't do interviews, and has rarely been photographed, but has nonetheless developed a reputation for both astonishing business acumen and notoriously tough negotiating well as an unwillingness to spend any money that isn't absolutely necessary.

He's also, though, on (Wiki-leaked) record as having decidedly mixed feelings when it comes to female-led movies, which is seen by some as a major factor in the noticeable lack of female leads in the MCU thus far.

Perlmutter's backing of Spider-Gwen, then, might just suggest that - much like Captain Marvel, with her ever-increasing cultural cachet and army of devoted fans - Spider-Gwen is coming to be seen as a substantial (and, crucially, bankable) asset. One who, if that's the case, may well be a far more solid bet for a future film appearance than her alternate-reality origins might suggest.

Or, in other words?

If Ike Perlmutter Is Backing Spider-Gwen in the Comics, There's a Good Chance He Will on the Big Screen, Too

Which, seeing as it very much seems that whatever Perlmutter requests is more-or-less a done deal, means we might well actually see Gwen Stacy suit up on screen in the near future, especially considering all of those rumblings a few months back about a female hero-led Spider-Man spin-off.

The big question remaining, then?

Would Emma Stone Return to Play the Role?

Well, there's no guarantee - especially if we see a new Gwen Stacy appear in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot - but since Spider-Gwen's arrival would also likely herald the coming of alternative realities to the MCU, I certainly wouldn't write off the possibility. Stone was mightily popular in the part, after all...

What do you reckon, though?



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