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Mirror's Edge was a really strange game. There wasn't one of my friends that hadn't played it in the months following its release date. But while they all enjoyed it, we felt like it was missing a great deal of aspects which left the game feeling incomplete. Of course, the title still has admirers now and those who are dying to get their hands on Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. But for many, Mirror's Edge felt like a good idea that wasn't ever fully realised.

With Mirror's Edge 2, DICE aim to take everything that made the first title so appealing and ensure that it develops into what the original could have been. But what sort of changes can we expect from them? Will Mirror's Edge 2 feature a lot more gameplay options and variations to keep us interested? And will it expand beyond levels to an open world?

Mirror's Edge 2
Mirror's Edge 2

Will Mirror's Edge 2 Be An Open World Game on Release Date?

One aspect of Mirror's Edge that I really disliked was how contrived the levels felt. DICE offered the illusion of freedom. The levels were covered with preordained methods of moving through them, whereas more control should have been relegated to players. Part of the excitement of having such freedom of movement is the ability to chose your own way that comes with it. In an open world environment, Faith's abilities are far more engaging.

However, if the option of a fully open world isn't available, Mirror's Edge 2 needs to include much larger spaces for us to navigate. Being able to craft your own experience is becoming one of the most prominent preferences in video games. The basic movement of Mirror's Edge needs to leave players in control. Dying Light earlier this year showed us that moving through a city with the use of parkour is not only insanely cool, but far more rewarding then contrived spaces.

Mirror's Edge 2
Mirror's Edge 2

Should Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Be Open World for Faith Like in Dying Light?

One of the greatest aspects about Dying Light was its freedom of movement. In parkour, you must be constantly observing the place you'll be in just a few seconds. As you leapt off the edge of a roof you'd have to make sure you planned where you were going next, especially at night. Mirror's Edge: Catalyst should give players this experience too. More freedom is an essential aspect that DICE need to incorporate, but would you prefer a well designed level to a completely open space?

Be sure to let us know if you loved Mirror's Edge in the comments below! Mirror's Edge: Catalyst will be playable at E3, so we're sure to a learn a whole lot more of what to expect on its 2016 release date. Is the hype real for you?


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