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Netflix employed 40 official taggers to do binge watching for its streaming service.

Netflix Inc. is the online streaming giant that offers unlimited entertainment offerings to its customers. The company is shaping up the television industry and has made the trend of Internet or online TV quite common and popular now.

It is believed that the streaming service aims to ‘cut the cords’ of the viewers and in return, build an empire that totally relies on online movies and TV shows on its own platform. The online streaming giant is the best option for those who love binge watching, as reported by latest Netflix updates.

People usually pay a certain amount of subscription fee to grant them direct access to Netflix’s portal of entertainment offerings. However, there is one other case where people are ‘paid’ to stream through Netflix, also, do binge watching on Netflix, as reported by Netflix news.

Josh Garrell is known as one of the ‘Netflix taggers’ and his main job is to binge watch for the company and in return, earn handy cash. It is believed that many viewers are expected to binge watch the new season of Orange is the New Black, Netflix’s original production. The process is expected to start in the early hours of June 12.

According to Washington Post, “The payoff for the vast majority of the audience is the satisfaction of consuming a long-awaited update on Piper and the rest of the prison crew.” This is not the case for those who binge watch for the streaming giant. ‘Netflix Tagger’ is the official job title of the company for the people who are paid to watch online movies and television.

Washington Post explains, “Tagging involves entering words or phrases that describe the movie or television show into the company’s database in an effort to make Netflix’s search functions more precise.” This helps the organization to categorize the ever-changing and diversified catalog, which will lead to providing recommendations that are more accurate to its viewers.

Josh Garrell is one of the 40 official taggers that the company has hired overall. He was not assigned to watch the new season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ because he has watched a fair share of movies and TV shows in the past two and a half years. He stated, “Even if I didn’t do this job, I would probably be watching as much as I am anyway. I’m just lucky enough to get paid for it.”

This is a smart strategy by the company to not only promote its shows and catalog but also recommend it to viewers, whose interests are same but do not watch it more often.


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