ByFlying L, writer at

If you have the article I just recently posted yesterday about why I think Suicide Squad has the potential to be the greatest comic book movie of all time, then you know that I am very excited about the movie.

However, would DC have the guts to release a movie with suicide in the title? Seeing as DC will most likely make sure that Suicide Squad falls safely into PG-13 territory, will the mention of such a dark and serious topic mean many parents won't take their children to the movie?

With Suicide such a sad thing these days, I can think of many parents that would never let their kids see a movie with suicide so prominently featured, regardless of the rating. The solution? Simply change the title of the movie to DC's Task Force X the team could still be called the Suicide Squad within the movie, but to avoid turning many people off at the gate, while still reminding you that the movie is a DC movie to non-superfans.


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