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Fallout 4 hasn't even been released yet and is already worth Game of the Year.

1. The Release Date

The release date of the game was the biggest surprise from the who conference. Most because as of late so many companies delay games, or announce games way to early in development for me to get excited for it yet.

This is was the opposite where Fallout 4 was only announced just a few weeks and go and from there we now have seen gameplay, the story, all the cool customization options, and the release date of the game. Which is only five months away.

2. The Scale

This is definitely Bethesda's biggest game yet, and just form the gameplay we saw, this could be the biggest game ever made!

The graphics looks amazing, at least compared to Fallout 3 its a huge upgrade. The attention to detail is everywhere to almost every item in the entire world.

Just by seeing how big the cities are this time around is quite astonishing, I am hoping the every building is accessible, something I have been waiting for in a video game.

The Scale is huge, and with the mod support it will be more than that.

3. The Freedom

What I have always like about Bethesda games is that there is always freedom in what you can do with the game. This is no different, in fact its the most freedom in any game I've seen.

You can do almost anything, even little things like recreating a Sims game in Fallout.

The freedom is Fallout biggest strong point and what really separates it from most modern games today.


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