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Robert Pattinson has moved way past his days as sexy vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, as he joins the ranks of Nicole Kidman and James Franco in Queen of the Desert.

Check out the trailer below:

And be sure to check out the following still of Pattinson in his Middle Eastern outfits:

Very studly.

Written and directed by Werner Herzog, Queen of the Desert follows the story of Gertrude Bell (Kidman), a writer, historian, and British secret service member who had a huge impact on Middle Eastern politics in the 1920s.

The film starts with Gertrude Bell as she leaves behind her comfortable home in England and begins her journey to Tehran, Iran. Bell experiences true heartbreak after a painful affair with diplomat Henry Cadogan (Franco), which prompts her to swear off men and instead focus on becoming an explorer.

While no release date has been set for the United States, keep on standby. Robert Pattinson pulls off Middle Eastern fashion pretty well in his role as T.E. Lawrence, and you wouldn't want to pass up the opportunity to check that out.

[Source: MTV News]


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