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We've had another kickass week from new Creator on Moviepilot and we are celebrating with the Top Ten New Creator Posts This Week!

Check them out and give these guys and gals a warm MP welcome!

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Hollyfood: When Food And Movies Meet by Nicholas Knepper

When French photographer Nicholas Knepper was asked by his wife to take some pictures of the creations from her bakery, he decided to play around with them. This resulted in these adorable images, which play with perspective and pop culture iconography!

50 Actors/Actresses Primed for Superhero Roles by Corey Alexander

Who doesn't love a solid list? Now, combine that with a 51 great actors and actresses and a ton of superhero roles and you've got yourself an epic fan cast. New MP Creator Corey Alexander has managed to create a list that does not include any stars who've appeared in a comic book film or are about to, and so you can expect a mixed variety; from young stars, to actors looking to take the next step, to those who have already established themselves in the business.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Alternative poster by LADISLAS

The Grand Budapest Hotel received countless awards, critical acclaim and many people believe it to be Wes Anderson’s masterpiece. Awards and accolades aside, I think the greatest feedback Mr. Anderson has gotten has been from artists around the world who’ve paid homage to his unforgettable characters in their artwork. Ladislas is a French artist and film buff who has done just that. In his first moviepilot post, he shares an alternate poster that’s as rich and vibrant as The Grand Budapest herself. Check it out, and look out for more amazing fan art from this new creator!

Stephen King's IT: Fan Trailer by Michael Hesser

What you are about to watch is a fan made trailer that pays homage to Stephen King’s classic tale of Pennywise The Clown, better known as ‘IT'. The teaser trailer is less than a minute long, but creates an atmospheric terror that even King would lose sleep over. He’s every nightmare you’ve ever had, he’s your worst dream come true. This was the case in 1990 when the original film was released, and it is still true today thanks to Michael Hesser and his creative team. Check out the bone haunting trailer right here, and whatever you do.. DO NOT, take a balloon.

A dark Christmas comedy for adults, what's not to love? by Manas Rai

Manas Rai takes the time to write up a detailed review of Tokyo Godfathers, sharing his enthusiasm for the directorial style of legendary anime director, Satoshi Kon. Manas is also in the process of reviewing the rest of Satoshi Kon's filmography, so don't forget to check out his profile and read his other reviews if you enjoyed this one!

How Black Panther & Wakanda Are CRUCIAL To The Future of Marvel! by Kyle Monda

Marvel has got so many movies lined up it is hard to keep track of what's what and when we're expected to run to our nearest cinema. New Creator Kyle Monda has put his money on the 2018 Black Panther movie. Check out the 6 reasons why this upcoming movie and its kick ass main protagonist are pivotal and will change the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the better.

Super Mario Maker... what to expect from it? by Pixel Dip

There's been a lot of cool news and announcements from E3 lately, and one of the most exciting has got to be the Super Mario maker. This is Nintendo's effort for the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of Mario himself. Check out why you should be excited!

You Can Easily Help Spider-Dad Fundraise for an Amazing Cause! by Mike Wilson 3RUN

Written by the inspirational Mike Wilson, this post shares a more-than worthy cause whilst also providing us with a kick-ass Spider-Man short. Mike shares his personal story of losing his son Jayden, a huge fan of Spider-Man, who is the inspiration for this wonderful short. The fan made film is dedicated in memory of Jayden and all views contribute to a more-than worthy cause, so please check it out! As one commenter on this article said, "This world needs more Mikes".

Indie Comics Pull a Kanye on Big Publishers by Terreece Clarke

Imma let you finish, but Terreece Clarke has some news for you, if you think diversity in comics is a new trend. As Terreece says, "for people who have been creating diverse comics since before diversity was cool, it's kinda like people suddenly discovering your favorite bar that's been in business since Prohibition."

How Batman will go toe-to-toe with Superman? by Lohith Nyalapogula

At first glance, Batman v. Superman seems like a very unfair fight. How on Earth is a wealthy vigilante meant to compete with one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe? Lohith Nyalapogula has some theories about what Batfleck can do to even the playing field.

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