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Now that Game of Thrones season 5 has finished. I am here to give my list of the best moments of the series. This is not a most 'most shocking' moment, this is a list of the moments that makes the show what it is, Awesome!

So without further ado, lets begin:

10 - The King in the North! - S1 Ep10

Ill-fated though it was, the moment when Rob Stark was embraced as the one true King by the the North was a real spine-tingler, and went some way to healing the wounds left by his father’s beheading (our wounds, we mean).

In the wider context of the show, this scene was significant in explaining the political tensions that underpin Game of Thrones. “Why should the rule over me and mine from some flowery seat in the South?” asks Jon Umber, a question that gets to the heart of the North/South divide – and why Westeros is never far from another war.

9 - A Dragon is not a slave! - S3 Ep4

Daenerys had no money to buy an army, but in Astapor, she was promised 8,000 of the best soldiers in the world in exchange for one of her three dragons.

But Dragons are not like dogs, horses, or enslaved men. Holding it on a chain won't make it come to heel. Dany ordered her dragons to torch the city, engulfing Astapor in flames while she took her new army and marched on the next city.

The closing shot, showing column upon column of soldiers marching behind her, the three dragons soaring through the sky screaming, was soundtracked by an ominous war drum thumping in the background. After a season of wandering around aimlessly, Daenerys Targaryan became a force to be reckoned with.

8 - Chaos is a ladder! - S3 Ep6

The verbal sparring match between frienemies Littlefinger and Varys as they contemplate the Iron Throne is the closest either get to a duel, but it’s no less compelling for the lack of blood. As the craftiest men in King’s Landing express their interests on the nature of the realm and the “lies we tell ourselves”, Littlefinger’s final speech about ambition could double as a summary of the entire show.

7 - Ned Stark Execution! - S1 Ep9

When audiences first sat down to watch the ninth episode of Game Of Thrones, those of us who hadn’t read the books remained unaware of just how sick George RR Martin actually is. In close-ups throughout the scene Sean Bean gives and acting masterclass, his facial twitches displaying first humility in confessing, then concern for his daughter Arya watching from the statue of Baelor, to shock and finally acceptance as his sentence is passed.

Ned’s execution threw all of the rules out of the window and scattered the Stark children to the far corners of Westeros. It was the catalyst for Robb to declare himself “King in the North” and eventually led to The Red Wedding. It also showed for the first time that no one, no matter how big, is safe in Game of Thrones.

6 - Joffrey Death! - S4 Ep1

Out of everything that happens in Game of Thrones, this is one f the happier moments. We all got frustrated when Joffrey was on screen, torturing certain people. And to see him choke slowly with blood pouring out of his nose, gave fans some gladness for the series.

Despite this, we still got frustrated as some people wanted more from the scene.

5 - Tyrions Champion! S4 Ep7

One of the show’s specialties is the unsettling anecdote, whether it’s The Hound remembering his brother burning his face or Varys talking about his castration. When Prince Oberyn visits a condemned Tyrion in his prison cell, their faces half in shadow, we knew we were in for another corker. His tale of visiting the Lannisters as a child and watching Cersi abuse the baby Tyrion, who’d they’d been told was a ‘monster’, gets right to the heart of the siblings’ poisonous relationship.

As ever, it’s an acting masterclass from Dinklage, who faces registers a pain he’s known all his life as though it’s something his contemplating anew, while Pedro Pascal is no less compelling as a man mourning his sister. When the Prince announces that he’ll stand as Tyrion’s champion in the forthcoming trial by combat, it’s difficult not to do an air punch, even if you saw it coming from the moment he entered the cell.

4 - Oberyns Vs The Mountain! S4 Ep8

In one corner, the handsome, charming, righteous Prince Oberyn, there to avenge his sister’s death. In the other, Gregor Clegane, the embodiment of brutality and hate known at The Mountain. Decades of cinema and television convention had conditioned us to believe there could only be one outcome in this dance between good and evil. Even by this show’s standards, the reversal of that expectation was both stunning and sickening.

There were a dozen tiny moments of magic along the way, from Jamie’s joy – derived half from relief, half from awe at the fighting on display – to the look of pride Oberyn gives to Ellaria, his final, fatal act of hubris, to the look on Tyrion’s face as his luck finally runs out.

YouTube compilations of people reacting to the sight of Oberyn’s head exploding went viral. Twitter melted as millions of people struggled to find the words to express what they had just seen. Which is what makes Game of Thrones great!

3 - Jon Snows Death! S5 Ep10

Once again, to those who had not read the books, this came as an unexpected shock that has emotionally drained us. After making the riskiest decisions to help the nights watch in the long run. The men turn on Jon Snow and stab him multiple times in the stomach. This scene was uncomfortably long for the audience, and the camera lingering on Jon Snow whilst seeing blood drip away from his body made it all the more shocking.

This scene has certain reminded us all that no one is safe!

2 - The Red Wedding! S3 Ep9

One of the most heartbreaking, brutal and disturbing moments in television history, eventually known as The Red Wedding.When Catelyn notices her bannerman Roose Bolton is wearing chainmail, and the doors to the castle are firmly shut, she clicks and she panics. But it's too late. Robb's pregnant wife Talisa is knifed repeatedly in her stomach. Robb is shot by a crossbow from behind.

Not only was the Red Wedding exceptionally shot, zeroing in on every scream, wail and splatter, but thematically the Starks acted as the moral compass of the show. They built an army following Ned's death. They were the only good guys in a world full of sharks.

The episode's agonising closing moments sees Catelyn's throat slashed, spilling blood all over the floor. You want it to end, but it lingers for several more seconds. There's nothing but the sound of blood gushing. And then she – and we – collapses to the floor.

1 - Tyrions Trial! - S4 Ep6

A strange choice for most people, but this is the only one on the list that I actually jumped out of my seat cheering at! This to me is the symbol of unpredictability of this great series, and the fantastic acting that this cast is capable of.

The entire trial set a high standard of curiosity from the audience, but it was the last few minutes that picked up pace! A thunderous speech which signals that Tyrion is no longer prepared to play by the rules set out by his dominating father. Offered mercy if he'll confess to a crime he didn't commit, Tyrion looks set to live out the rest of his life on the Wall.

But stunned by Shae's betrayal, he snaps and confesses - not to Joffrey's murder but to the far worse "crime" of being a dwarf. His final demand for a trial by combat is a huge moment; the ultimate cutting of the apron strings. Peter Dinklages acting was perfect! And the music that picks up at the end made the scene all the more satisfying.

So that is my list, if you are wondering about certain moments and why they are not in the top 10, then comment what your top 10 is below, and remember, everyone is different!


What is your favorite Game of Thrones scene?



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