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Chris Pratt isn't the only Everwood star who went on to star in a Marvel film! See where Paul Wesley, Emily VanCamp, and more of your favorite cast members of the cold-as-ice WB medical drama are NOW!

Everwood, Colorado, or better known as the O.C. of the mountains with just a hint of 7th Heaven and a dash of Grey's Anatomy. Everwood was full of teenage angst and heart-stopping drama that kept us peeled to our televisions come snow or storm every Monday night at 9/8 C on the WB (now The CW). Just think, the world's best brain surgeon moves from the big city to a small town with his spunky young daughter and hot moody teen son after the tragic death of his wife. A town that just so happens to already happily have one family care practitioner. Put that practitioner's teen town sweetheart daughter Amy with a boyfriend in a coma due to a severe brain injury in the mix, and we have hit folks! Looking for this on Netflix yet? DO IT!

Everwood was abruptly ripped from our lives in 2006 when The WB merged with UPN to create what is now The CW, and the new network decided not to renew the snowy show after four seasons. That didn't stop the cast from moving on to bigger and better things! The show single-handedly launched the careers of two stars who went on to star in Marvel films, and more!

So where are Ephram, Amy, Colin, Bright, and the rest of the cast favorites now?

Ephram - Gregory Smith

Then: Gregory Smith was the perfect Ephram Brown; brooding, hot, and a talented musician. Ephram was not the least entertained about his father, Andy Brown, moving him to the small town of Everwood, CO. He was well adjusted in the big city, and had the grungy attitude to prove it. Though, the pain of the move was less so when he was introduced to town sweetheart Amy Abbott. It was a love affair at first site, and started more drama then your baby mama!

Now: One thing is clear, he hasn't lost his baby face! Gregory Smith has been up to a lot since leaving the snowy mountains of Everwood! He's currently starring in ABC's Rookie Blue which is now going on its 6th Season, but even cooler than that, Gregory has now added director to his resume! He is a regular director on his show Rookie Blue, and recently went back to his WB roots and directed one of the biggest episodes of CW's hit superhero show Arrow!

Amy Abbott - Emily VanCamp

Then: Emily, a dancer in real life, brought town sweetheart and subsequent ballet dancer, Amy Abbott, to life in Everwood, CO. She is the blonde girl next door and every teen boy's dream. Daughter of the town's only family practitioner, Harold Abbott, Amy has a secret she doesn't tell Ephram when she first meets him, but instead uses her new 'friend' to get close to his father, who could be the only ticket to saving her comatose boyfriend, Colin.

Now: I'm sure you recognized Emily VanCamp right away, but perhaps not from Everwood, and more from her starring as a trained assassin of sorts with a vendetta in ABC's hit evening soap opera, Revenge. Revenge was shockingly canceled this last month, but don't worry, Amy has plenty of work coming her way. She, like Everwood co-star Chris Pratt, joined the Marvel universe in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and will be reprising her role as Shield Agent 13, Sharon Carter, in the currently filming Captain America: Civil War. Before Revenge, she was on everything from Law and Order to Brothers and Sisters, so girl is doin' mighty fine!

Dr. Andy Brown - Treat Williams

Then: A seasoned actor when he began his journey in Everwood, Treat played Andy Brown, a world renowned neurosurgeon dealing with post traumatic stress from the sudden loss of his wife. He makes the rash decision to move his two children, 15-year-old Ephram and 9-year-old Delia, from NYC to the small town of Everwood, CO. His chooses Everwood because his late wife had once told him as a child she had passed through Everwood and been memorized by it's beauty, and felt attached to the quaint little mountain town.

Now: Treat Williams is as successful as ever, having starred in NBC's hit Chicago Fire in 2013-2014 as Benny Severide, a former firefighter and the father of the lead character Kelly Severide. At the beginning of this month, it was announced Treat has joined the upcoming HBO film Confirmation as famed Senator Ted Kennedy!

Bright Abbott - Chris Pratt

Then: Chris Pratt may be shooting to super stardom, but back in the day he was just a simple high-school jock named Bright Abbott, brother to Amy Abbott. Bright has walked around with a chip on his shoulder ever since he was involved in an accident that put his best friend, and sister's boyfriend, Colin into a coma. When Ephram gets into town and starts making moves on his sister, brother bear gets protective of her relationship with his not-dead-yet best friend and quickly becomes Emphram's enemy. Bright and his family seem like they have it together on the outside, but the trauma and guilt Bright is suffering from due to the accident will soon see the light.

Now: Arguably the most successful of the cast, Chris Pratt is now a superstar with a few billion dollar blockbusters to prove it! During his run as the goofy Andy Dwyer on NBC's hit Parks and Recreation starring Amy Poehler, Chris nabbed the role of Star-Lord in Marvel's Guardian's of the Galaxy, making him the hottest guy in Hollywood, and helping him score the lead in Jurassic World. Both Jurassic World and Guardian's are slated for sequels and Chris is attached to both! Though, Chris isn't letting the fame get to his head, and looks on his days in Everwood with fond memories! BTW, nice stash Chris!

Felling nostalgic yet? Well let this little Twitter exchange between Everwood co-stars Treat Williams and Chris Pratt that happened this weekend help you out...THE FEELS ARE REAL!

Delia Brown - Vivien Cardone

Then: Sweet faced Vivien fit in Everwood perfectly as the smart-mouthed tomboyish 9-year-old Delia Brown, sister to Ephram. Delia seemed to be the only one in the family able to cope with the passing of her mother properly. Edna and Irv Harper take to Delia and become segregate grandparents to her and Ephram. Delia is the glue to her bother and father, and often deals just the right amount of truth tea to keep them all together. She's was quite the 9-year-old.

Now: Delia isn't so small anymore, but she's just as feisty! Most recently she worked on the hit Soap Opera One Life to Live. She was last spotted at the Everwood reunion last year bringing on the feels with how grown up she's become!

Dr. Harold Abbott - Tom Amandes

Then: Dr. Harold Abbott was best known around Everwood for the stick up his butt, not his exceptional medical care. He becomes threatened when famed Dr. Brown moves into town and opens another family practice. Dr. Abbott and Dr. Brown have a mutual dislike for each other and how each runs their practice and families, but carry on a friendly competition. Soon however, Dr. Abbott becomes aware that his daughter has set her sights on Dr. Brown to perform Colin's surgery, and begins to work side by side with him to help further the process.

Now: Tom has been all over your TVs since Everwood, like LITERALLY! From guest starring on Scandal to joining his Everwood daughter, Emily VanCamp, on Revenge for a few episodes! That gave me major feels to watch! You've also seen him on Castle, Parenthood, and Mom starring his Everwood son, Chris Pratt's wife, Anna Faris! Aww, good to know the Abbott children never stay too far from their overbearing father!

Edna and Irv Harper - Debra Mooney and John Beasley

Then: The two sassy beloved parents of Dr. Abbott were the heart of the show. They grew close to Dr. Brown and his family when Edna went behind her hard headed son to work for Dr. Brown. Irv lived with failing health and so Dr. Abbott had tried to keep them close, with Edna pushing back. She disagreed with her son on how he felt about how they should live their life. Edna and Irv wanted Dr. Abbott to let go for once.

Now: John has gone on to star in shows such as Boston Legal, CSI: Miami, and last year's horror flick, The Purge: Anarchy! Our sassy Edna, Debra Mooney, reunited with her TV grandson, Chris Pratt, in Parks and Recreation for a few episodes. She also had a reoccurring role on Grey's Anatomy and went back to the CW to guest star in The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals! Looks like pa and ma are doing just fine.

Colin Hart - Mike Erwin

Then: Mike spent most of Season 1 laying on a bed in a coma as Colin Hart. With pressure from Colin's girlfriend, Amy Abbott, Dr. Brown agrees to operate on him, but at the beginning of Season 2 we see Colin passed during the procedure. All we know of Colin is what we see in flashbacks of him, Amy, and Bright. He was a bit of a playboy when it came to Amy, and a bad boy whenever he and Bright got together.

Now: Mike went on to do some pretty cool stuff! He had stints on NCIS, CSI, Dexter, and even The Vampire Diaries! His IMDB shows he has 3 projects due out this year!

Nina Feeny - Stephanie Niznick

Then: Nina was the sweet small town neighbor of the Brown's. Pregnant by an absent father, she and Dr. Brown became love interests. They guided each other through the grief of loss and failed relationships, and seemed to get together at all the wrong times. Nina was sort of an outcast in town, but was loving to the Browns and treated Delia and Ephram as her own. She often defended them against the town favorites, the Abbott's.

Now: Since Everwood, Stephanie has been seen on some of your favorite shows such as CSI: Miami, Grey's Anatomy, and Lost. Last year she attended the Everwood reunion and reflected on the good times with the cast and crew!

Dr. Jake Hartman - Scott Wolf

Then: One good thing came of Dr. Hartman's entry into Everwood Season 3, it gave Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott a common enemy, and forced them to unite their fronts against the suave good looking young Dr. in town. He was younger, faster, and better, but kept the other doctors on their toes! Though when he and Nina grew close, Dr. Brown didn't feel too kindly towards him. Come to think of it, neither did I!

Now: Scott was no stranger to fame and TV, he starred in Fox's hit Party of Five long before his Everwood appearance, and his success carried on after! Scott has appeared on CSI, NCIS, and is now reprising his role as a Dr. in NBC's recently renewed The Night Shift! Little tid-bit: fellow WB/CW alum Brendan Fehr from Roswell also stars in The Night Shift!

Hannah Rogers - Sarah Drew

Then: The ADORABLE Sarah Drew made her first appearance in Everwood Season 3 as Hannah, the shy insecure girl who is sent to live with Nina so she doesn't witness her father's debilitating health. Eventually her and Bright, though mismatched, develop feelings for each other and begin to date. After her father passes she decides to stay in Everwood and Hannah and Bright fall in love. During a drunken weak moment, Bright cheats on Hannah and she breaks up with him. When Bright is in an accident, they agree to be friends and she helps him though it, but don't get back together, and we never know if they do. BUT WE WANT TO BELIEVE THEY DID! SO BAD!

Now: I'm sure you recognized Sarah right away, as she has been a series regular and fan favorite on Grey's Anatomy since 2009 as Dr. April Kepner! You also might have seen her on an episode of Glee and starring in the recent hilarious film Mom's Night Out! Love seeing that after she was a fan favorite on Everwood, things still haven't changed! We still love her!

*Honorable Mention*

Tommy Callahan - Paul Wesley

Then: The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley guest starred on Everwood Season 2 as Amy's new bad boy boyfriend helping her through the pain of Colin's death. He partied hard and took Amy down with him. When she ends it between them, he overdoses.

Now: Do I even need to tell you what he's up to? You probably already know! The CW is known for sticking with actors they love, and they must have loved him on Everwood because they later cast Paul as the lead in what's now their biggest show, The Vampire Diaries! Paul has always been good at breaking hearts, let's not forget it all started with Amy Abbott.

Next year, Everwood will have been off the air for 10 years, but it makes us feel good to know we can still see our favorite Everwood residents around Hollywood, making blockbusters and starring in our new favorite shows!

However, Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott will always be my first choices when looking for a family practitioner when the day comes I need one for my own family. OH THE FEELS!


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