ByKevin Barnett, writer at

OK. I love action movies as well as anybody. I like to be on the edge of my seat and enjoy a good suspenseful movie! I love good acting. It helps tell the story well, if the actors are portraying their characters in a good fashion. I like NOT knowing what is coming next. Unpredictability is almost a must in a good action-filled, suspenseful film.

I have to say I was deeply disappointed with San Andreas. I saw previews and thought, "Yeah! That looks amazing! I cannot wait to see it!" I was let down pretty hard. Now, I love Dwayne Johnson in movies. Loved his warmth and action scenes in the G.I. Joe movies. His acting was good in San Andreas, but the whole story, was predictable. You almost knew what was coming next! After 45 minutes of non-stop destruction, I was like "OK I get the point!" I know it was a movie about a fault line and earthquakes, but almost every 5 minutes there were buildings crumbling, people dying, mass destruction yada yada yada. Reminded me of Man Of Steel when Superman was fighting Zodd. It was like OK WE GET THE POINT!

The story line was OK to me, but there was so much destruction, that's what my focus was on. Alexandra Daddario made it worth watching. Then to ALMOST kill her off at the end, and BAM! she was brought back to life! The Rock saved the day! Then at the end, what do we do now? We rebuild. Just seemed to me an hour plus of destruction, doom, terror and......that was pretty much it. Maybe it's me, but the movie did nothing for me. Let me know what you thought!

Until next time, that's my side of it! Have fun at the movies!


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