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Jurassic World crashed into theaters this past Friday, and I, like many others, was thoroughly blown away by it. The action, the CGI, Chris was all too much to handle. But as I watched, I was consistently given flashbacks to my childhood, to a miniseries I'd seen that was unlike any other. The name of that miniseries? Prehistoric Park.

The year is 2006. There's a skinny eight year old boy in his T-Rex pajamas, playing with his plastic dinosaur toys on the living room floor before bed. His dad, probably browsing AOL or something, points to the television and says "Hey Chris, take a look at that." It was a commercial for an upcoming Animal Planet show called Prehistoric Park. I slowly placed down my toys and watched the screen, mesmerized. I wrote down the date and time that it would be on, and ended up tuning in to each and every episode. It was the pinnacle of my childhood dinosaur obsession, and despite having only six episodes, it was all I would watch for a good long while.

The year is 2015. That boy is now seventeen years old, bulky, and working at growing a functional beard. He goes to see Jurassic World with three friends, and leaves the theater feeling that no movie 'til the end of time may satisfy him as much as that one just did. Seriously guys, I loved that movie. And that's why I think you'll like Impossible Pictures Studios' Prehistoric Park.

What the Show Is About

Prehistoric Park is the story of an in-the-development wildlife sanctuary that will feature, for the first time in history, living dinosaurs. But unlike Jurassic Park before it, these dinosaurs are obtained by actually traveling back in time. The host, England's Nigel Marven, walks through a time portal to the past, where he lures the desired creature back through the portal and into the modern world.

However, things don't always go according to plan. He often winds up bringing back other animals, such as a herd of lumbering Titanosaurs or an aggressive woolly rhinoceros.

One thing that separates Prehistoric Park from Jurassic World is the fact that the miniseries doesn't just focus on the fan favorite dinosaurs; it also introduces viewers to lesser known, yet equally fascinating creatures such as the Microraptor and the Deinosuchus. It's arranged in an educational style, so a lot goes into it being more than just seeing your favorite dinosaurs roar and stomp around on the big screen. It did numbers to boost my eight-year-old fascination with the monsters of the past.

Unfortunately, despite its success, the show has not yet been picked up for a second season. I've since had the opportunity to speak with Impossible Pictures on the matter, and they say Marven is still "very keen" to make more episodes, but the funding has yet to come. I hope that, should you choose to investigate, the show brings to you the same sense of awe and wonder it brought me nine years ago.


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