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Since the beginning of life as we know it, philosophers and people just like you and me have been asking a single question: Why are we here? Over the years, there have been religions trying to explain our origins, and skeptics denying their beliefs. That's just human nature. However, what if some of these religions were in fact correct? What if leading a good life will reward you after death, and a leading a bad one will punish you for eternity? There are people out there that know there are dark forces preying on humanity, and they know that these forces are joining together to wipe out our race. That's right, demons, vampires, werewolves, every supernatural entity that you could think of is real. However, there people who know of these forces, and it is up to them to stop this evil.

The Disaster

Crowley, the king of Hell, is raising an army to put an end to the human race. Crowley isn't just recruiting demons, however. He's gathering every supernatural entity in existence that he can control. Witches, vampires, demons, every nasty creature that would want humans dead for any reason, are all going to come for us. Luckily enough, the people that know of this dark uprising are also going to join forces to put an end to it.

The Winchester Brothers and Castiel

These three are the first line of defense for fighting evil forces, and they'll do anything to stop Crowley's sinister plan. Sam and Dean have the knowledge to kill any supernatural force, and Castiel can use his grace as an angel to obliterate evil forces, as well as his angelic sword. However, this time they won't be able to do it alone.

John Constantine

Constantine, everyone's favorite demon hunting warlock. John, unlike normal humans, can see angels and demons in their true form. He's used this power to hunt demons over the years, and has the experience to know what he's dealing with. Together, these monster hunters will do whatever it takes to save the human race.

The Survivor

While both parties were eager to sacrifice themselves, Constantine separated from the Winchesters and delved into the fiery pits of hell to kill Crowley and shut the gates of hell forever. Sam, Dean and Castiel managed to fight off the monsters on the surface until they retreated, and are making it their mission to hunt down every last one of them, in honor of their late friend Constantine. With his final resting place seemingly inevitable, the forces of Hell are weak, and a rescue attempt would be in order. Castiel and his colleague Manny, a mutual friend of John's, manage to raise him up from Hell, and deliver him to the pearly gates of Heaven.


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