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I absolutely loved the Jurassic World movie, the use of the theme and everything brought me back to when I was 7 in the theater, watching Jurassic Park for the first time.

The one question remains, after watching this new movie, can we expect sequels?

I'd say so.

The key is what happened at the end of Jurassic World.. Dr. Wu leaves unexpectedly with embyros. So what's next for the franchise?

For the die-hard fans, you'll remember the premise for the original Jurassic Park, a competing company was vying for the embryos, and hired insider, Dennis Nedry for some corporate espionage, stealing embryos for the other company.

So Jurassic Park 5, or possibly, Jurassic Corporate, could show another company, in the spirit of Ludlow from The Lost World, thinking of moving the Island park somewhere else, possibly inland. Because remember, the park in San Deigo was still under construction in the Lost World.

The next movie could be about the "other" company. And this would be perfectly planned. It could be that Henry Wu was working all along for this other company and was a spy, like Nedry, to steal company secrets from InGen.

The other Idea is that we can look at the second island again, and see what is going on there.


What do you think, does the sequel have teeth?


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