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This film is very enjoyable for the most part. It's a very fun and neat science fiction space adventure with a bit of romance and comedy.

I expect two things from a space adventure epic: 1. To be invested in the story. 2. To have fun. Jupiter Ascending gave me both.

The story and concept, while similar to other science fiction movies, are quite unique and creative. It blends science fiction with fantasy which is neat. It also has a bit of a fairy tale vibe which is nice.

The visuals are stunning and stylistic and the action sequences were intense. I really liked the environment and the alien creatures were cool. The characters are interesting and I like the chemistry between Caine and Jupiter. I am not a Channing Tatum fan but I thought he was good in this. I also like Sean Bean's performance.

There were a couple things that bugged me. One of them is the plot. While the storyline is interesting and thought out, I felt it had a few too many holes and it seemed all over the place. Another thing is the acting. While the acting isn't the worst I've seen in a movie, I think it could have been improved. I like Mila Kunis but I think her performance in this, while not bad, seemed a bit wooden (but not as much as Kristen Stewart as Bella, thank goodness). Also, I think Eddie Redmayne tried a bit too hard with his performance as the villain.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It's not quite "Blade Runner" or "The Matrix" or even "The Fifth Element", but it's a very good sci-fi flick, and it's worth giving a watch. I can see it getting a cult status.

Think people expected too much from this film. Let's be perfectly honest here. Were you really expecting this to be as good as "The Empire Strikes Back"? I went into this film expecting a fun and original science fiction space epic, and Jupiter Ascending delivered just that.

In the end, Jupiter Ascending, despite it's flaws, is an enjoyable popcorn space adventure that should satisfy big sci-fi nerds.

Jupiter Ascending is now available on Blu-ray and DVD and Digital HD.


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