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Now that I’ve got your attention with that title, I can make the argument as to why Hollywood clearly needs more female action heroes. In the past few years we’ve had plenty of male action heroes such as the guys from “The Expendables”, I can go on and name a list of male action heroes but I think you guys know by that there are more male heroes then female. Recently I had the pleasure of going to see Mad Max: Fury Road and if there is one thing you can take away from that movie, it’s that female action heroes are sorely needed right now.

Mad Max: Fury Road not only had a badass male action hero but also a female one to boot which is what we need to see more of, girls need to have an action hero to look up that is just as good as what we males have. Sure you can make the argument that they can easily look up to the male heroes but this isn’t what this is about, this is about Hollywood not having enough female action heroes. Most of the so called female heroes we do have are one’s that seem to need help in almost every situation they are in, Black Widow in the recent Avengers film is a good example of this. The only movie to have been released recently that had a badass female hero is Mad Max and that’s because, the film had written a smart female character who could hold her on; one that could easily take down anything. This is what we need to see more of and a lot of action directors today could learn a lot from that, we can’t keep having female action heroes who need help all the time because it gives a bad image to woman. I know I could catch some flack from this but I think we need a lot more female driven action films then male at this point, I think we could do with a really well done Tomb Raider movie. The reason I mention Tomb Raider for is because I believe with that film, we could easily have a badass female character who could hold her on and maybe even rival the biggest male action heroes.

I get that Hollywood has gotten so used to working with what works which is obviously almost only having male’s as action heroes, but we need to have more female’s who could be badass and hold their own. I’m going to mention Divergent right now, not because it has a female hero who can hold her own but because it doesn’t; now I do like these films but I can’t lie to myself, Tris needs help in almost every scene she’s in. This isn’t Shailene Woodley’s fault because Woodley is an amazing actress who could prove to be a great female action star, with the right script and right director. The problem with the Divergent series has been Tris not really being someone girls could look up to, that character is poorly written as a hero because she needs to be rescued in almost every scene. People enjoy Divergent and I’m one of those people but even I have to admit that the series has been poorly written so far, as far as the character of Tris goes and this cannot continue for any longer. I hate to make comparisons here but the studio should look at why The Hunger Games series has been popular, that is how you properly do a female action hero and not make her look laughable. The problem with Hollywood is that they really don’t know how to write a proper female hero, they instead rely on old cliches that just don’t work anymore because woman can be just as strong as guys.

The Fast & Furious franchise doesn’t even have strongly written female action stars when you think about it, and that’s a franchise that has the potential to do that kind of thing. You might be able to make the argument about Michelle Rodriguez’s character but every other female has been poorly written so far, and has only served to be easy on the eyes. Obviously the franchise knows what it is and people will keep flocking to it but if they could write a new smartly written female character then I truly believe, other films would follow suite with that. I also hear they are working on a female Expendables film and maybe that’ll do some good, but it needs to have a great script in order for that to happen. This film has a lot of potential for the female audience, but it all depends on what happens between now and then; just please Hollywood don’t mess this up. We need to stand up and show Hollywood that we want these badass female characters because if not then things will just continue, we may have better female characters now but we are still not where we should be.

We need female action heroes a lot more than male at the moment, I truly believe that is important because it could things around. Mad Max proved that not every film will have poorly written female characters but that’s the only recent action movie, that actually had a strong female character in it.


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