ByChad Ware, writer at

San Andreas is a disaster movie focusing on a helicopter pilot who tries to save people, but more importantly his ex-wife and daughter, when a huge earthquake strikes which breaks the San Andreas fault. I personally loved this movie mostly because there was a lot I repeat a lot of destruction and chaos. The famous Dwayne Johnson plays the helicopter pilot and I think he did pretty good. He was going around at least trying to save people but his main goal was his family and saving them. Alexandra Daddario plays the daughter, who is in the wrong place at the wrong time (which is far away from her dad and mom) when the earthquake strikes. People say that she was the damsel in distress but I think she wasn't because she saved those people when the tsunami strikes but she was pretty good. Carla Gugino I seriously didn't care for but she was OK. Paul Giamatti I loved cause he wasn't just dramatic but I loved his acting and how he actually made you feel tense. Anyhow, but of course no one important, at least that I don't think is important, is killed. So I say that if you go see it great but if you don't you'll survive.


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